contraindications to enteral feeding

  1. hi everyone. i'm a soon to be nicu nurse . i will be starting in january 2007. in the mean time, i started reading the awhonn core curriculum for neonatal intesive care nursing. the book says that enteral feeding is contraindicated in cyanosis, severe birth asphyxia, shock, increased work of breathing and oxygen requirement, and suspicion of gi obstruction. i understand why gi obstruction would be a contraindication, but i don't understand why the rest are contraindicated.
    is the feeding itself contraindicated or the insertion of an ng tube? please help me understand. thank you.
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  3. by   Finallyat40
    The main concern for starting feeds in a patient who has experienced cyanosis, asphyxia and shock would be because anytime that the body is not getting enough oxygen, the main amount of oxygen will be shunted to the heart and the brain, so therefore, the gut is without sufficient oxygen....therefore an increased potential for NEC, plus at that point, feedings would really stress the baby if they were really having issues with breathing.

    In terms of work of breathing and 02 requirement, again it has to do with stress on the body....if you're pushing feedings, then the heart and lungs have to work harder on the oxygenation.

    Does this help?
  4. by   huladancer
    Jamie... thank you. Now I understand. :wink2: