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My ward has been using ventilated CPAP on the babies. Recently, because of the high hospitalization bills of the babies, our department has decided to give a try on bubble CPAP on the babies. I would... Read More

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    I am on vacation this week but I can see what we have in our unit when I get back. We have lots of handouts on bubble cpap. If you would like, I can mail them to you.
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    That would be really great! Thanks so much. Enjoy your vacation.
  2. by   NICUbabyRN
    We use bubble CPAP. Our unit is an advocate for bubble CPAP. It is really no different than using regular nasal CPAP. Our bubble CPAP's do have alarms on them. I think the hardest part is sometimes they just don't want to bubble. I have seen several cases of septal breakdown because the prongs were against the septum to keep it bubbling. The other problem is some of the kids get "pig noses" due to the using prongs too large to keep the system bubbling. We also started using a product called neoprep which is basically a cushion for the septum. The has reduced the septal breakdown. The kids do very well on it.