anyone nicu in new england?

  1. Hello all, I will be a new grad in december and am looking to go directly into a special care nursery. The hospitals in my area (Boston) won't hire new grads. Does anyone know of any hospitals in the new england area that would? CT, RI, NH...
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  3. by   shadow2k6
    Hello there,
    I work at Yale New Haven Hospital, and I have to say it is a great hospital. We are very new grad friendly, we just hired a group of 12 nurses in our unit and I would have to say some of them look just like they got out of high school. Some people here get their experience and leave. We do divide our NICU into acute and sub-acute care. We start out our newer nurses in the Sub acute area. The pay is pretty good too. Its a large teaching hospital, so its good for teaching, and the docs are all on a first name basis with the staff. I love my job, can you tell.
  4. by   anniesong
    The ones I know of in CT that hire (or have hired) new grads include Yale New-Haven, UCONN, CCMC, and I've heard that St. Francis has (but I don't know for sure). Machester Memorial was considering allowing new grads, but I'm not sure what they decided since they are such a new unit. As of about 2 years ago the nurse recruiter at Stamford said they did, but I don't know anything about their hiring practices now. The nurse recruiter at New Britain said (about 9 months ago) that while they are not against hiring new grads, they don't often have openings at the right time to hire many of them. I went to an informational dinner at Baystate in MA where they said they do hire new grads into their NICU. Don't know anything about RI though.