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  1. How often are ABG's used with preemies--just those with umbilical catheters? Are capillary blood gases used much more frequently? What are the differences? Thanks for any help you can offer me:kiss
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  3. by   corks
    ABG's are the most accurate way to determine the status of your baby. They can be taken from a UAC ( if needs must a UVC will also be used but must be taken into account that it is a venous sample) an arterial stab or a peripheral arterial line. If you have none of the above then it has to be a cap gas. Frequency would depend on your babies condition and if there have been any vent changes, They can be anything from hrly to 6. if you can get your hands on the handbook of neonatal intensive care by halliday on page 68 is a good reference for your normal gases taken from the above sites. Handy as a guide. If not I could punch it up on screen for you. Thanks for the questions, it has made the old grey cells work again. Cheers. Corks
  4. by   VickyRN
    Thank you very much!!
  5. by   RN from OZ
    Same here as is in England but we often do a radial or brachial stab rather than use the uac line...contamination issues
    For vent changes etc they are the best indicator...we use the cap gases more in term bubs with PPHN or HMD
  6. by   Mira
    in my unit here in england most of the docs prefer art/cap gas to determine effectivity of oxygenation even if they have venous access they would do heel prick to get a cap gas for this reason.