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NICU NURSES!!!(Question)

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by sweetiez sweetiez (Member)

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Hi. My plan is to become an NICU nurse. i LOVE babies. i think this part of nursing i would love the most.

My question is how do u get the NICU trainning. i know you have to do the 4 years of college thats normal. Do they have a certian degree for a NICU nurse?

Any advice would be great!

As you can tell im new .

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SteveNNP has 9 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in Neonatal ICU (Cardiothoracic).

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Maybe try posting in the NICU forum....

Anyway, no, there is no formal degree for the NICU nurse. Just pick a hospital that has a thorough orientation that includes classroom time as well as unit time. Make the most of your orientation, including finding the preceptor that will teach you the most, as opposed to one who will sit around while you care for your joint assignment. Subscribe to neonatal nursing journals to familiarize yourself with the conditions and technology specific to NICU. Best of Luck!

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