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Ok guys, I need some help from all the NICU nurses. I know that I want to be a NICU nurse. I have been a NICU mom twice and feel that I really have something special to offer these families. I am just graduating in August and never thought that I could get in the NICU right out of school. So here is what I need help with, there is a NICU new graduate position that just come open yesterday afternoon at a hospital that I would love to work at. I have a pretty good resume already done, what I need is pointers with my cover letter. How can I express my great desire to work in the NICU without sounding too personal??? I really feel strongly about working in the NICU and would like to be able to demonstrate that in my cover letter. So, NICU nurses, help me out here please!!!!! I really want to be considered( and hopefully get ) this position. :redpinkhe:redpinkhe


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I hope I am not too late in responding to your post . . . I actually just applied for a NICU job after being out of the NICU for about a year. In my cover letter, I really wanted to express that this was not just another job for me and that I really wanted to work in the NICU and at that particular facility. I put all of that in the letter. I ended up getting a call for an interview that same day and now am told to be expecting a job offer! I don't think it ever hurts to have your cover letter be different and stand out from the other cookie-cutter letters that HR receives. I recommend that you tell them, without sounding too overly eager, why you are interested in working in the NICU and why you are interested in working at their facility. I don't think honesty ever hurts, even if you feel you are being a little personal.

Good luck!! :D Let me know how it goes!!


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Thanks so much for your reply, BabyNurseBecky. I did end up putting my exact reasons for wanting to work in the NICU. My resume did get forwarded to the hiring nurse manager and I got a return email from the nursing recruiter. So dont know yet how things are going to turn out, but still have my hopes up. I will let you know when I hear something.


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Good luck! I hope you got the job!

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