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Well it looks like my prayers have been answered and I will be interviewing with a level III NICU in a couple of weeks. Are there any questions you think I should ask? Any tips or advice on how to nail the interview? I did a shadowing experience on this unit so I have at least seen it before and met with some of the staff. Everyone seemed happy. Supposedly there are 12-15 new grad positions so I am optomistic about my chances but I am a newbie so your advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Casey (senior nursing student)


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Congratulations! I am sure you will get the job!

Toby's mum

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Congratulations on getting the interview!:D

One question you might ask is how many experienced/expert NICu nurses are available each shift. It will be critical to you having a good learning experience that there is a good ratio of experienced nurses to new nurses available to answer your questions and assist as needed. How long on average have members of the staff been in the unit? This will tell you realistically how people actually feel about the unit--presumably, if they have been there several years, they must like it. What's important to the Nurse Manager? Do they provide continuing education (and do they pay for it)?

Please let us know how it goes. I'm sure you will be terrific and they will be lucky to have you. Good luck--Steph :)

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