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Hello! I am in serious need of help making a NICU cover letter to make myself stand out. I have 10 months experience on a med/surg oncology unit and I am wanting to switch to NICU as this has been the goal since I graduated nursing school. I do not have experience in the NICU other than a clinical rotation back in nursing school. I don't even know where to start on this cover letter and all the websites to help with cover letters are not helping me. Any advice/examples from NICU nurses?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi-I think what your cover letter needs to accomplish is you giving a clear and concise reason for why you want NICU so much.  Explain how your experience in med/surg has prepared you for the critical thinking and time management required in the NICU.  Show them that you understand what being a NICU nurse entails. 

Also what have you done to show that you ready and eager to be a NICU Nurse?  Did you get NRP or STABLE?  If not do it now!  Maybe attend an online NICU Nursing Convention. AWHONN is coming up or maybe ANN.  NANN just occurred, perhaps you can watch videos from it and then talk about how you attended NANN's vitural convention and it just re-enforced how much NICU is the specialty for you.  Just having med/surg experience and stating you want to work in the NICU is not enough.  You have to show them you really want this by doing some things like getting your NRP to show them you are serious!   I can help you with some details about NICU nursing if you like that shows them you know what the job entails.  Just let me know.  Best of luck!