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Niagara College RPN bridging options


So I will be done all my pre-requisites for Niagara College RPN by Xmas break, with nothing below a 90%. My long term goal is RN. I thought Brock did a bridge program for Niagara College RPN graduates. But apparently not. So now there's a monkey wrench in my plans, and I'm second guessing going to Niagara College for RPN. Ideally, I'd just like to go into RN directly, but being a mature student, would need another 6 courses on top of the 4 I have completed. What's my best option?? I am pregnant and due in January, and plan on taking a year off with baby before starting school. But if my RPN at Niagara won't get me to RN in the future, maybe I should start plugging away at my 6 courses at home with baby? Help!!! Need advice! Mohawk is also an option, I just heard they need a different math then the one I have completed. Experience? Advice?