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I got accepted to NGCSU North Metro location but now realize that I would be better off attending the Gainesville location since I live only 22 miles away as opposed to 45 miles away from Acworth. Are there instances when one is allowed to attend classes at another campus when they have been accepted at the different one?. Gainesville location would make my life so much easier eventhough I am looking forward to meeting all the friends I have met here ( who will be attending the Acworth Campus.

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It's probably not possible for you to change campuses during your first semester because they have admitted everyone they are going to for the year and all of the classes are full. But after the first semester due to losing people through check-off failures or grades, there is more room. We had a girl that attended first semester last year at Dahlonega, second semester with us at Gainesville, and when I talked to her this summer, she is going back to Dahlonega. So it is possible, you just may have to wait until after the first semester. It never hurts to ask though - they are all really nice and the worst that can happen is that they say no!! :)


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I agree. It will be more likely possible during 2nd semester than first. There is always 1 or 2 who have a difficult time either with grades from A&P or checkoff failures etc. Good luck to you.

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