Next semester already?!?!

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Hey Guys Quick question

In my school we have to already be thinking about next semester. Since i am finishing up my sophmore level classes (first clincial) we have to pick out what we want to do next semeter in the begining of october. I am on a adult floor right now that deals wtih the gi and bariatric pts. What we are doing in clinical this semester is medications, surgical dresssing, ng tube, colostomy ect. We dont do anything with inserting ivs or anything. So with that said what would you guys do. We get to choose the order that we take the classes we take, which is ob/peds, or adult/gero. which would you take first and why? I am so confused because they dont tell us which to do first.

Thanks so much for the help

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I'd say that it depends on what classes you're taking. If you are taking OB/peds classes in the same semester as the clinicals, then I'd go with the adult/gero first. I say this because there is information provided in those classes that you might find helpful to have before taking the clinicals in them. I was lucky enough to have a summer break in between 1st and 2nd semester. I took med/surg and OB classes during the break and it was helpful to me to have the knowledge basis before walking on the floor. Hope I was helpful :)

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