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Newark Beth Israel- Children's Hospital- position advice!

by busby busby (New) New

Hello all,

I am a new nursing grad who was recently offered a position at Newark Beth Israel Children's Hospital. I am trying to figure out if the offer is something I should take since the pay is a fair amount less than I was expecting. Was hoping to speak to any RN's at this hospital to see how they like it!

A little background- I am a second career nurse, so I have my bachelor's in psychology and previous work experience (however no work experience in nursing). When I went back to school to become a nurse I actually also got my master's in science, however I am still technically an "entry level" nurse. My dream is to work in pediatrics, so the fact that I was offered a PICU position right out of school is amazing!! I am just a little worried about the starting rate. I was offered a rate of 28$/hr night shift. With some research I found people at Newark Beth that were starting 33$/hour for nights and that was even some years back.

Here are my main questions:

1. does Newark Beth offer additional compensation for a having degree regardless of experience? Bachelors? Masters? etc.

2. What is the typical starting salary for night shift at Newark Beth?

3. How long is the typical wait to move to days? I know this is unit specific, but ballpark?

4. Will I be safe commuting on public transportation for night shifts in this area (I am from NJ and live in NYC so I am fully aware and okay with highly urban settings, but I do not know this area of Newark per-say)

5. I have heard from many sources that the work is tough at Newark Beth, which I am totally ready for, but I also was hoping to hear some of the reasons why people actually enjoy working here besides that it is just good clinical experience?

6. How long is the on-boarding process typically? I am still waiting on NJ state BON for my license....?

Thank you in advance for the help!