Wisconsin new grad relocating to Buffalo/Niagara Falls area

  1. hello,
    I am brand new to this site and finishing up my nursing schooling in Wisconsin. I will be relocating to NY in June or July after graduation and taking the NCLEX here. I understand that NY and WI are reciprocal states and my license will transfer. Is this true?
    also... anyone have any advice of hospitals to begin applying to in the Buffalo area? North of Buffalo is better as my boyfriend will be living in Canada. Niagara falls?
    Thanks for your help!
    Amy :Santa2:
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  3. by   Nursonegreat
    Hi there, i actually live just outside of buffalo and work in an ambulatory surgery center. i dont know about the recipricocity factor, so u will have to contact board. i could tell u which hospitals to stay away from...and which dept would u wanna work in? stay away from Millard Filmore Gates, ECMC, and St Joes...they are all on the chopping block so it seems for future closing. in buffalo there is buff general, sisters hospital and childrens that have safe futures. there are of course some outlying hospitals in the suburbs. i think when the hospitals consolidate it will be tough getting a good position because of the re-rooting of nurses. so pick your place and get in! GL and ill be happy to answer any questions i can... i only worked at 2 hospitals here and one was St Joes <which people cause sloppy joes...i only worked there a day and a half>. the other hospital was kenmore mercy and that was ok i suppose...depends on what dept u wanna work. ask away if u need to, and good luck!!!
  4. by   NewYorkRN2B
    Thanks for your help. That gives me a start at least. if i think of any other questions i will post them.