Waiting to find out about school...

  1. Is anyone else waiting to find out about Stonybrook or SUNY Downstate? I applied to the acclerated BSN programs at these two schools, for the 2007 summer start, and am waiting anxiously to hear. Also, is anyone applying for the NYU program that starts in Sept? I just needed to vent about how desperately I want to get in this year (I didn't get in last year to Stonybrook).

    Thanks for listening!!!
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  3. by   Jennyfur1234
    I applied to Stonybrook and am also waiting to hear back.
  4. by   Curls105
    Great! Did you apply to any other programs? What was your first bachelor's degree in? Where did you do your pre-req's? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just excited to meet someone else in my situation! Also, on the solar system thing that logs all the recommendations and transcripts, have all of yours been logged in? All my transcripts have but none of the recommendations have and I'm kind of worried about it. Two of mine were done online and attached to my application and one was sent in.

    Let's hope we both get in!
  5. by   Jennyfur1234
    I'm from Ohio, but really want to go to school in NY. I also applied to another accelerated program here and that's it. I wasn't able to get my application mailed to SUNY Downstate before it needed to be there since everything needed to be mailed in one package otherwise I was going to apply there. I had been in med school until december, so was behind in looking into nursing school. I have a bachelors degree in biololgy, so I had all of the prereqs done already (except I wasn't sure about the A&P I and II prereq....the school I applied to in Ohio was willing to accept what I have taken in place of that prereq, but I'm not sure about Stonybrook. I took anatomy in med school and physiology in undergrad. If they don't take that I guess I won't be getting in.

    Everything is registered on the solar system thing. I didn't apply until last minute (Dec 31st!) and they updated it shortly after receiving my transcripts and references.

    Just out of curiousity, how are you paying for school? Looking at the cost of school is making me think about getting a full time job using my biology degree and attending an evening associate's degree program.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. JNJanosko@hotmail.com