Volunteering in NYC hospitals?

  1. hello,

    I am applying to nursing schools for the fall, but currently i just quit my job and won't be working over the next few months. this would be a good time for me to spend some time doing some form of volunteer work in a hospital or nusring home etc.

    i have no idea what type of volunteers are needed or if there are any websites etc that could help me out? i know people often come in to cut hair, and play music etc. are there any types of reading for children programs, or just general visiting and playing games with the elderly? i am open to all sorts of volunteer options, any ideas would help!


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  3. by   Curls105
    Hi Deanna,

    I volunteered at Lenox Hill before I applied to nursing school on the labor and delivery floor. I didn't do much though. Basically my duties were to make ice packs, make charts, go to the pharmacy and sometimes help a patient leave the hospital with their new babies. If you go to the Lenox Hill Hospital web site there is information for volunteers. It was a pretty easy process and interesting to see what it is really like in a hospital. Good luck!