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Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

  1. by   Malenurse20
    So no bridge program. What's everyones 2nd option??? The reading and math test should be graded together. What if someone scores real high on math n low on vocab..

  2. by   NY-Mom
    hey malenuse, if u score high on one portion but dont meet the requirement for the other portion its an automatic fail, u have to score the required passing grade level for both..yes lets keep praying!! anyone recieved anything in the mail today? lol..
  3. by   DRIVEN09
    ur welcome!!!!!!!! We all have to network and stick together!!!!!!!!
  4. by   DRIVEN09
    Ur welcome!!!!! Rnhopefully09,
    we will have our study groups, b/c we all have a goals and need to succeed in life. Getting our lpn lic. Is just the start!!!!!!!
  5. by   HFS1964
    Hello MaleNurse..... I have several specific questions that I think you can help me with. I am taking the test on March 12th.

    If possible, could we chat on my Yahoo or AIM IM, or even telephone?

    Thank you very much. If necessary, I will make it worth your while financially.
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  6. by   Miaizon
    did you guys know that Barnes and Noble have an LPL/LVN study guide? I just saw on AMAZON
  7. by   HFS1964
    study groups? is anyone interested in a study group? south shore town of hempstead: freeport/merrick/bellmore area perhaps?

  8. by   NY-Mom
    hey guys, has anyone checked the mail today? i'm so obsessed!! lol..
  9. by   Miaizon
    I feel your pain NY MOM lol..i was just wondering if you guys got your results back!! My test is this Tuesday!! OMG! Light a candle and say a prayer for me, please!! lol
  10. by   NY-Mom
    lol miaizon!!! i just checked my mail and NOTHING about veeb once again lol..i'm sure you'll do great on your test, just study as much as u can this weekend, do u live in long island or queens?
  11. by   Miaizon
    I live on Long Island, West Hemp
  12. by   NurseGurl09
    Good luck, Miazon! Remember, just try to relax and stay focused. If u stay calm during the test, you should be able to finish all the questions.

    I cant beleive NOONE has gotten their results yet! I am waiting to be able to congratulate all the people who tested before me. =)
  13. by   Miaizon
    Thanks for the advice NurseGurl!!..overall how long did it take to complete the test?