Suffolk Community VS BOCES

  1. Hi. I am debating between applying to the LPN program for Eastern Boces or Suffolk Community. The requirements for Suffolk seem it would take me much longer to get in with the pre requisite courses but Suffolk offers a great LPN to RN bridge with Stony Brook. Is there anyone heRE who got their LPN with BOCES and was able to go into an RN bridge program?
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  3. by   joyla163
    I am a graduate of Suffolks RN/ADN program but was never an LPN. What I have learned through some of my co-workers is that although both Suffolk and BOCES offer an LPN program, when you are ready to do a bridge program to get your RN you will need ALL of those pre-req's that Suffolk requires anyway plus more. If you are serious about bridging to an RN in the future, the question is do you want to take all of those extra classes now or later? You will inevitably end up taking them at some point though. Suffolk is much cheaper, if that is a deciding factor. However, BOCES can probably get you working in the field faster. Weigh all of these factors before you choose. Good luck!
  4. by   Chell99
    Wow! Great information, thank you so much!! I am going to look into what type of financial aid I can get with BOCES and may take that route. This way I can at least get my feet wet in the field (and be making decent money) while continuing school. Your response really helped me!!