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    I am looking for any information one can give on Stonybrook. I have applied for their accelerated program along with Downstate and NYU but haven't seen many postings on Stonybrook. Anyone go to this program? What did you think? How many days a week were you really in class? Any help would be most appreciated!!!

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  3. by   Oleander226
    I went to the two year program at Stony Brook but we had many of our classes combined with the accelerated program. To me, it is VERY intensive. You are in class everyday sometimes 10-12 hours a day, occassional Saturdays for clinical. You are usually taking 30+ credits at a time. I personally wouldn't be able to handle that work load. Stony Brook is difficult enough without the added pressure. It is also a very competitive program, they take maybe 50-75 students depending on funding. If you don't mind putting in a lot of work and time and are extreme Type A personality-- you would do fine! If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me.
  4. by   tab65
    Wow, I apply to Stony Brook also. I also apply to LIU, however there 2 yr bach program is only 2 or may 3 days a week. But Stony Brook is that much of a difference. Also were you a volunteer that help you get accepted in the program
  5. by   Oleander226
    The reply I posted was about the accelerated program.
    The two year program is not as intense, but you will still have classes Mon-Fri, though not every day is a full day. When applying I think it helps to have had some healthcare related experience. A lot of the people in our class have been working in some field to do with healthcare or science.