St. Pauls School of Nursing FALL 2013

  1. I'm new to this site. So I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has applied to SPSON and passed the hesi exam. I took the hesi exam abut 2 weeks ago on April 16. I haven't heard back from the school yet. The admissions rep said I would get notified from the school in 2 weeks and I am starting to get a bit worried! Has anyone gotten an acceptance letter yet??
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  3. by   StephanieGeorges
    HI DOM

    I am currently applying to the same institution to take the HESI exam for the Fall 2013 . Dont worry you are gradually moving forward and give it by the end of week and if you dont get a mail response . Then give your admissions representative a call .
  4. by   HopefulDreamer
    Hi, I'm also new on this website and I've applied for fall 2013 program. I took my Hesi exam today and I'm so nervous. I've been trying to get into a nursing school for a while now. I really hope I get in.
  5. by   Dom25
    Have you guys heard anything from the school as yet?
  6. by   HopefulDreamer
    Omg I received my acceptance letter today! I'm so excited
  7. by   JulezC83
    Congrats! im going to be taking my HESI on June !! wish me luck! is it hard??
  8. by   valerie.barnett
    I also applied to St Pauls school of nursing for the fall 2013 semester. The advisor told me that they will get back to me in 2 weeks. These have been the longest 2 weeks in my life.... no answer as yet. I am hoping and praying each day that I get a respond.

    Anyone reading this, and was accepted, how long did you take to get a response? Did you have to call them or did they send out letters. Write now I am a bit worried.
  9. by   valerie.barnett
    congrats!!! How long after you passed your exam did they take to send you an acceptance letter?
  10. by   HopefulDreamer
    JuelzC83- the test is not hard just study the hesi study guide and you should be fine. I would also recommend to take your time with the test.

    Valerie.Barnett- I heard back less then two weeks. Don't loose hope yet you are still in the game. The waiting part is always hard.
  11. by   HopefulDreamer
    I received my acceptance by mail
  12. by   JulezC83
    thank you hopeful Dreamer! any other advice?? i suck at math? any pointers? what parts come up more? even though i heard your acceptance isnt based on your scores on the HESI exam im not sure what is then
  13. by   HopefulDreamer
    Math is one of my weaker points too but the test was very basic. On the test they had alot of conversion problems so I would tell you to memorize the conversion chart in the hesi book. I actually started the exam with the math section first just because it's the part that made me the most anxious.

    I wanted to also share that I met with my counselor this week and was told I am on the waiting list for sept 2013 but that I was guranteed a seat for the Jan 2014 semester. I feel a little sad just because I want to start already. Just keep in mind that if u get accepted it will most likely be for the spring semester.
  14. by   ningrassia95
    Anybody else get their acceptance letter yet?