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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I recently applied to nursing schools; and let me tell you most schools did not give me the opportunity like St. Paul School of Nursing in Flushing Queens, did. Aside from just wanting to take my money they really did not show much other attention to me; mind you I have volunteer experience in hospitals around Manhattan; a good GPA and stellar recommendation letters not to mention I scored in the upper 90 percentile. So needless to say I felt really depressed thinking that I would not be able to get into nursing school and I would have to waste another year waiting to get into school.

    I applied to Saint Paul sort of on a long shot thinking I would not get in.

    For those applying let me walk you through what I did.

    First I went to their website and I entered my information; I was then mailed an admission packet.
    Which I read thoroughly and made sure to follow all the directions. Then I called the admission department and set up an interview. On the day of the interveiw I called them before I went to the interview to confirm my appointment. Initially I was told that the person I had the interview with no longer worked their and I was transferred to a different admission representative. Now let me tell you this; there are two representatives and hundreds of people applying to the program leaving these guys messages will not help you will have to call a couple of times until you get them. I called two times and was able to set up and appointment.

    On the day of the appointment I had everything prepared. All my paper work and check was in order; I was able to get a tour of the facility and I was also secheduled for the 12 Minute IQ Test for the week after. Note: Take the IQ test seriously if you read the school handbook it will tell you the maker and information on the test so you can practice. You need to get at least sixteen right in order to move on to the next test.

    I passed the IQ test and my results were given after the test; I was then scheduled for the HESI about two-three weeks later. Again you want to study for this test as well; it may seem simple but the day I took my exam I was the only person in the room apparently taking the test for the first time; most of the other individuals were re-taking portions they had previously failed.

    Once again I passed; note if you are curious as to my scores I got a 96% in the math and an overall average of 90% for the grammar, reading and vocabulary. (Side note vocabulary brought me down to a 90% if not I would have had a much higher overall) Also, note that in order to pass each section I believe you need atleast 75% to still be considered. My overall college GPA was 2.7 when I applied to St. Paul and my sciences were at 3.5; and after graduation from college my overall was back over a 3.0; but that did not matter because I had already been accepted.

    Now after taking the test you are able to view your score report on each part. ALSO note if you are not good with computers well you will be out of luck because everything here is done on computers so you best start getting comfortable.

    If you are still with me now comes the part of Acceptance. It took them about a week and half after the HESI for them to review my application I was a bit nervous because I did not hear anything from the school.

    When I did find out I was accepted; I received a phone call from my admissions officer stating that I had gotten in and I need to come in to finish the rest of the formalities.

    So, my next appointment from that phone call was two days later; I went in and paid my $50 dollar deposit to hold my seat; got my information for my background check, drug test and also meet with the financial aid counselor.

    Note you will have a time limit as to when these things must be completed so do it ASAP. The financial aid counselor will schedule you another appointment two weeks from that day to make sure all of your information is in order.

    Now, to address accreditation because I was so worried with all the drama I been reading on these boards and it got me so worried and I had to sit down and do my own homework on it. St. Paul is accredited by the NYS Regents Board. As far as NLN accreditation goes that will take some time because they had bought the rights to Saint Vincents (hence that is why when you file your financial aide the school code will show Saint Vincents) so things seem to still be in the midst of working out. I am not worried about the NLN accreditation because at the end of the day I will be able to sit for the exam and at this stage all I want is to get license and then move on. For those of you who have an issue with this then maybe this is not the school for you and you should try else where that might be accredited but please do not bash the school; I actually feel like you guys are not doing the school justice. I went to other nursing schools to check it out and see what they are all about and to be honest Saint Paul is upfront with you; if you ask a question they give you an answer they do not give you the run around like some schools (in case your interested I checked out some schools in Westchester County).

    As far as transfer credits go; when you get called in for your drug test information etc. you will be given a sheet that tells you all the classes you had transferred; you will also be given an agreement stating how much tuition will be etc and your agreeing to the two year program.

    Personally two my classes did not transfer they were too old; so I opted to take them over the summer and a CUNY community college because they only cost me about $2000 dollars at CUNY. The catch to doing this is 1. you have to make sure your grades are submitted before the first day of classes. 2. You also have to make sure that your grades are higher than a C+ in order for them to be transferred in.

    I also read of the blogs around that the school needs better administration; now that worried me a little until I spoke to the administrative staff; they were all nice to me (mind you if you are rude to someone they will be rude to you right back) just keep your cool and people will treat you nicely. I dealt with the CUNY system for many years both as a student and an employee so I know how hard it is to deal with administration. But at the end of the day no one is going to hold your hand and baby you.

    Choosing to go into the nursing field means that no one will hold your hand every step of the way and tell you that this is what you need to do. By choosing this profession you acknowledge that you are an adult and as such you are capable and free to make your own decisions.

    If you have any questions feel free to message me; or if you have any tips for me as it stands I am a new student starting this fall so I can use all the advice I can get.

    Please people keep the negativity to yourself; I will only respond to positive comments and concerns. My little blurb here is based on my experience with Saint Paul as of right now my opinion of the school might change in the future but so far its been a descent one. I look forward to working hard and making use of the school's resources.

    P.S. Clinical's are held at New York Hospital of Queens. I hope this helps anyone who has been stuck.
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  3. by   ambition89
    Hello. Science 101,
    I.must start off by saying thank you for the helpful information but I to also applied and for the fall of 2011.... I took my exam on july 14th and still have not heard anything yet back from the school should I be nervous because I am, I had to retake the reading, vocabulary. And grammar part in which I received a 75 on. And on the math part I received an 80. I called the school for my scores because the re take did not appear on the evolve website. I just want to know what do u suggest I do because when I spoke with mu admission conselor he told me the next step is my application gets submitted to a committee, the anxiety is starting to tear me up about whether I was accepted please let me know what you would suggest I should do....thaks
  4. by   science101

    Well to be honest with you, your scores are on the low side the school expects you to have atleast a 75 and above in both parts.

    So chances are they are still reviewing your application but I am going to be realistic with you. I am fairly certain its 75 and above to be considered for a serious shot of getting in. My advice to you is wait until the first week of August. If you still have not heard anything from the school. You should then call your admission rep and talk to him and see what he has to say. If you were not accepted then see if you can apply for spring of 2012. Chances are if you scored at 75 or under you will not be accepted. But I could be wrong if you have college credits and you have a good GPA in the science and overall they might take that into consideration. So give them another week and then you should take action and give them a call.

    Also, I should tell you that chances are the admission comm. did not meet yet as well because alot of them were away on vacation. When I went a few weeks ago.

    I hope that helps and I am sorry if I sound mean but I just want to be honest with you because I know how you are feeling with anxiety.

    I really suggest you start studying for taking the HESI for next term and work on your grammar, vocabulary and reading. Also, your math scores should be alot higher because they are allowing you to use a calculator. I suggest you get a medical terminology book and work on your vocabulary.

    Also, pratice taking online exam questions just so you are more comfortable with the format.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   Mcflea
    Hello Science101,

    I am hoping you could answer a quesiton for me. I requested the application material a few days ago; however, I am unclear of the courses the program offers towards the degree. Are there any pre-reqs needed before applying? Are you able to provide the course list here? It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. by   Mcflea
    I answered my own question regarding the courses offered.

    Unfortunately, they do not allow you to complete their program on a part-time basis. I am having a lot of difficulty finding an evening program.
  7. by   science101

    Sorry it took so long to reply to you, St. Paul does offer a night session for school its from 4:30-11pm I believe.

    I finished all of the A&P classes, sociology, English and psychology courses they that are considered co-requisites so I am taking all nursing courses right. If you can do those classes before you get into the program that would be great. I would suggest completing them at a four year CUNY College, especially if that college has a nursing program; majority of the time all your classes will transfer because it will meet St. Paul's requirement for transfer credit as long as you get over a C+.

    To address the part time nature of the school question you asked, to be honest NURSING will become your life once you start your program; doing a part time program is like half-assing your way through. It will not get you anywhere and you will have a difficult time keeping up when its time to take exams. When you take your nursing courses together each class builds on what the other one advice is to ask yourself if you really want this and are you really willing and able to make the sacrifice it will take to do this program. From your question is seems like you have alot going on to want to do this on a part time basis, if you can get into the night program at St. Paul you can work during the day but let me advice you it will be difficult and St. Paul may be a small school but they are strict on grades and attendance. So please keep that in mind once you make up your mind on what is best for you I am sure you will make it work.
  8. by   Mcflea
    I appreciate the information. The problem I have is getting there by 4:30 being I work in the city. What I meant by part time is taking maybe 1-2 courses a few days a week. How many days a week do you attend courses/clinicals?
  9. by   science101
    The program is 5 days a week, there is no such thing as part time. You have to be on time because professors will lock you out of class. As far at the 4:30 issues maybe you can go in earlier to work and leave earlier. Not all of your class will start at 4:30pm everyday so you know you can try and work out your time. The school can't really start classes based on your schedule, and to be honest most nursing programs don't care about if you have a job. All other programs I have seen are not even as flexible as St. Paul, the only other schools I can tell you to apply to is the Hopfer school of nursing, Beth Israel or you can try CUNY or Adelphi. Bigger universities might have part time programs where you only take one or two classes.
  10. by   bluesquares
    First and foremost, I will like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this letter. I am student at St. Paul’s School of Nursing, Queens Campus. I am reaching out to you because I followed the chain of command at the school that led me to a dead end. The purpose of my letter is to request your presence at the school early next week to investigate frequent abuse of authority, violation of freedom of speech, lack of professionalism and most importantly failure to provide us with proper and fair education. The faculty is not willing to acknowledge and address the problems the students are facing. They are very quick to alienate themselves from the issues at hand.

    The qualities of a good leadership is a reflection of the people working below you; nevertheless Mrs. **** leads by intimidation; more notably she is unapproachable and degrading to students. There is no justification for Mrs. **** to intimidate any student for expressing how they feel about the laughable level of education we are receiving. Mrs. **** does not belong in an educational institution; neither in a position of power and leadership. **** mannerism will be better utilized as a Warden in a state penitentiary. Professors show such incompetence and lack of knowledge of their respective subjects. They don’t seem to have any command on the subject matter and lack the required knowhow to teach this level of course in an educational institution. Good educators embrace teaching, but at St. Paul’s the drive and sprit to learn of the student to learn, as well as our dreams to be nurses is being shattered. The lack of support and compassion demonstrated by Mrs. **** and members of the faculty like ***. ***** and ***. ***** is disgraceful.

    Furthermore, to have totaled of 16 students out of 60+ students barely passes an exam; while in another class only 5 out of 40+ only passed is distressing and miserably the trend continuous in other classes. Mrs. *****, Mrs. ***** and faculty do not seem to the bothered with the mind boggling failures in the class and would refuse to take any reformative steps to reach out to the students and lend them a helping hand. They show no concern for the students’ welfare. Conversely, more alarming is the fact that the faculty does not assume any responsibility for their mediocre approach to teaching; but they are quick to point fingers at students for the lack of studying. Ironically, a large number of the students that are failing were honor students last semester. The faculty should reflect upon the fact that they are failing us to become future leaders. Honestly, by the actions of faculty and staff it is evident that at St. Paul’s School of Nursing it is all about making a profit with no regard to the quality of education.

    I beg to ask you why any professor would tell their students after one exam “the only reason you are attending St. Paul’s is because you will not make it anywhere else”. “You better Drop my class because you will not pass”. “We are looking to get rid of at least half of you guys”. “If you ever say or write anything negative about how feel about your education or your so call professors you will be expelled”. Calling an entire class “cheaters” based on a vote we took to postpone an exam. Then Mrs. **** and faculty want to lecture the class about professionalism, respect, and therapeutic communication. Above all you should practice what you preach and please forgive me but respect is always earned never demanded. There is majority of the students are professionals in other fields and they behave in a professional manner and we should be treated as such, not be patronized.

    Conversely, there are a few students that need to improve their communication skills, approach, and behavior when addressing the faculty and their peers. However, those issues are part of the profession when you decided to work in an education institution and should be dealt with on an individual basis. It is absolutely unfair to penalize everyone for the actions of a few. Even professors are unreliable to the point that you don’t know who to believe anymore. In one instance, a student contacted a professor about being late for an exam due to a family emergency; the professor advised the student that she would be allowed her to take the exam. Ten minute into the exam, the professor took the test away from the student claiming time was up. This situation is truly incomprehensible and it shows lack of respect and support for the student.

    **. ******, just like me, there are many students that are parents, husbands, wives, hold fulltime Jobs and we work very hard to pay for our education just to have it taken away by irresponsible educators. I am sure you want a good and fair education for your children; if so then think of us in similar manner because that is all we are asking for. I cannot emphasize enough the seriousness of the matter at hand and your intervention at this point is very crucial. I hope that you can find the time come meet with us as soon as possible to resolve this situation. We have the proofs to support our proclamations; and it’s the last thing we want to have to look for alternative means to voice our concerns. I beg of you to please help us because our future is as stake. If the agenda to get rid of us and take our hard earned money and as well as the federal and state grants; then with all due respect please keep in mind that we are united and we will not go without a fight.
  11. by   bluesquares
    Above is an letter sent out by a student of the school. Although I agree with several of the points made in the email there are several that I also do not agree on. The problem with SPSON is the high turnover rate with the educational staff. Students are often left with new adjuncts that have just recently been hired, literally right before the semester started. Students are left to deal with these new adjuncts who have to fumble around lectures and suffer through the confusion that ensues.

    In regards to the administrative staff its basically a win/lose situation. I find some to be quite capable in their position and friendly. Other are the complete opposite, the biggest problem with SPSON is the poor management. Last minute changes and simple pure confusion the students must face. Stability is not something students will experience and last minute changes happen quite often.

    Speaking from a personal point of view I myself share several of the frustrations the above author shares. However, I must also stress for me it has not been all that bad. I have had lecture instructors and several clinical instructors who totally blew me away with the approach they took at teaching. I honestly find inspiration in some of the educational staff I have come across. There are people within the institution who has a primary goal, that being providing quality education and instilling the CARING aspect of nursing. I cannot stress enough through words the impact these staff members have had on me on a personal level.

    That being said, it is what it is folks. You should always stand up for what you believe in and never let anyone speak down or be blatantly rude to you. People in seats of power at an educational institution should be placed there to provide aid and even guidance in your journey to becoming a nurse. I totally agree that person(s) mentioned in above letter are exactly how the author describes them.

    All in all I just wanted to offer people who are possibly applying to SPSON to have as much insight on the institution as a whole. I personally do not think things are as bad as the writer says it is. Perhaps I have just been lucky enough to elude all that sort of trouble. I make the most from what is offered. It's your hard earned money that you will be putting into this place should you choose it.
  12. by   science101
    Hi BlueSquares,

    I did get an e-mail earlier today and I saw your message.
    I do agree with you on a number of points that were made, at times the school can be very frustrating.

    And yes I also find it extremely alarming with how many students pass/fail exams especially since we spend so much time studying and it feels like sometimes it amounts to never being enough.

    That said; I also understand why certain faculty members has issues with us students. They are managing about 400 students; they can not be on top of each student every minute of the day they are all handling their own jobs.

    Coming from the freshman class I was one of the few people who read the student manual handbook and I checked to make sure that my rights were never being abused; and there were times with certain individuals aside from those listed that treated me unfairly but I put it aside and said that I am here to do what needs to be and its not my problem to teach "professionals" about manners.

    I did find it annoying however when I was in the classroom with other freshman's who were not cleared for clinicals and they were being scolded. Honestly I felt belittled for something I did not even do. I was cleared I checked week after week to make sure I was cleared. To the point where I am sure they were annoyed. I knew that was my responsability to check and make sure that my paperwork was together, but at the same time it was also the school's responability to check my paperwork and let me know when I turned it in what was inadequate. If the school has provided instructions as to what was the proper criteria to make sure that I qualified for clinical it would have made my life easier but alas nothing is ever really that easy.

    I must say I can truly understand the staff's frustration some individuals who started school just signed papers and showed up and never bothered to check in to make sure their paper work was okay. They just automatically assumed it was the staff's job. So I understand the frustrations coming from both parties. I feel like that was badly done on the part of the students but at the same time if 400 students came up asking everyday for them to check their files I am sure they would be aggravated.

    I also agree with you on the fact that a certain someone does demand respect, but does at times inappropriately express herself. Individuals should lead by example; being rude, frustrated and angry leads no where and it does not help anyone.

    Also, pertaining to the professionalism I do agree that some instructors do lack decorum. I understand that instructors are new and it does take some time for adjustment. But at the same time; do not hire someone that clearly has no experience or has a nasty attitude it is very difficult to learn from such as individual.

    As far as our education being a joke that is something that I have to beg to differ. Recently I went to clinical and we were placed with patients and also the same patient has students from another school. The other school was already doing clinical for 4 weeks and to be honest they were not the sharpest individuals they lacked basic understanding of how to conduct a therapeutic relationship and even how to assess a patient.
    I honestly do feel that exams are done terribly at the school the information sometimes feels as though it is not focused enough coming from the instructors.

    Teaching is a skill that is not cut out for everyone; and nursing as well is not for everyone. But that being said we are all here to learn and we are paying an arm and leg for our education. So we should be given what we are paying for and have some sort of stability.

    We need an organized structure and everyone needs to be on the same page. If our student handbook and enrollment agreement says something then faculty and staff must adhere to that as well. We can not be wish-y washy after all this is a business we pay to learn and they gain financially, but we also have our rights and if our rights are not meet we are protected by the law.
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  13. by   bluesquares
    =) Well thank you however I did not write the letter. I was simply impressed that someone took the time out to write a well structured and grammatically correct letter. No one will take you seriously if you are unable to articulate yourself in an intelligent manner.

    So to all who read these posts though, Nursing school is meant to be hard. However, it is not impossible. I am managing a GPA in the mid 3's, I study hard and I enjoy the material. Yes it also depends on the instructor you have but you yourself also have to put in the hard work required.

    On a lighter note of annoyance. The parking is RIDICULOUS at the school, SPSON makes all these plans on expanding with a MED ASST. and now a Dental ASST. program. Meanwhile we never had enough parking spaced to accomodate are RN program students. Just another example of the emphasis on the almighty dollar.
  14. by   science101
    Hi Blue,

    Sorry I did change my response to what you wrote because I did not see the second posting so I edited it to fit your response.

    I was also impressed that someone took the time to write down what we were all feeling to some extent.

    Yes parking is a nightmare, I take the bus and walk so I try to pay no attention to it; I knew that was going to happen. They are all about the money, don't get me started. But what can you so all schools are all about the money.