Should i dare try A&P2 in the summer at NCC?

  1. I am contemplating taking AP2 at Nassau Community over the summer. I just realized it is only a 4 week class and I am afraid. I am taking AP1 now, and have a super hard professor - 24 students to start , 6 left , 2 of which passing. I am now at the top of the class with a high B by way of test scores only(no curves on the exams). Other student is at a C and the rest are trying for D. Praying that he grades on a curve at end of semester, but the intensity of this class with this professor has me doubting myself. Has anyone done it? Any advice? It's alot of pressure knowing you need an A to be considered for the nursing program.
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  3. by   sk57
    i took A&P I in the summer, and A&P II in the winter, yes its a very short semester but I would do it again. Its ALOTT of information but if you know you can put in the necessary time to study, its a great way to get it out of the way instead of wasting two semesters on it.
  4. by   DogMom67
    Thank you SK. Appreciate the input. I think I will go ahead with it. I have about a month between end of this semester and the summer class, so I'll read up on what I can before I even get there.
  5. by   need2chill
    Definitely go for it! I did it last year - put forth my best effort and ended up with an A. If you devote the necessary time to it, those 5 weeks will fly by before you know it! I'm sure you won't regret it if you take it, especially since you're doing so well in A&P I.
    I almost wish I did Micro over the summer, too. I took it last fall and that was one long, LONG semester!
  6. by   mhkelly
    Hi dogmom, can you pm the name of the teacher. i'm taking AP1 in the fall. thanks
  7. by   DogMom67
    So, I can't figure out how to PM. LOL. Can you PM me and I will reply?
  8. by   DogMom67
    Mhkelly - I can't PM until I post 7 more posts.. Ugh.. When are you taking your AP1 class? Mine was Friday night 5:30 - Midnight.
  9. by   mhkelly
    I'm taking Mon + Wed nights and Sat afternoon. ugh
  10. by   DogMom67
    I believe the professor I have only teaches on Friday nights. Have you looked on Do you even Know who you have? I didn't find out until 2 days before the class started. My advise is, whomever you have as a professor- Prepare to study hours a day. Get flashcards, use the internet to find pictures, since the pics in the book are not exactly like the models and the slides. Also, I got my book as soon as I knew which one and started reading a month in advance. It helped. I didnt read the Lab Book, assuming it would be useless without the lab, but I was wrong. Read the Lab book in advance too.. Also, my professor gave us a web site to use to supplement the book - It has been very helpful with the labs especially, but also for the lectures - since it condenses everything. Perhaps start with this if you don't have the book. ( also has infor for APII incase anyone wants to check it out.
    Good luck and keep me posted.
    = D
  11. by   mhkelly
    Thanks for this! I dont know who my professor is yet. Will probably find out much closer to the date like you did. I've also heard about all the reading. Great info. ps - i also dont know how to PM
  12. by   EMT-Native
    If your focused id say go for it. I took both A+P and Med. micro last summer (1 and 2). It was saturated but if you are, like i said focused it should be fun! lol not really but it's do-able.
  13. by   artistmom
    I took A&P2 over the summer at NCC; lots of work, I got an "A", but it wasn't an easy one. I'd definitely do it again. I did have a good professor, though.
  14. by   EMT-Native
    Same here. I had great professors for both classes.