scholarships for nursing programs?

  1. Hey everyone,
    I finished my undergraduate degree in may 2012 and I have finally decided to change my career route due to personal reasons and go to nursing. Once obtaining my bsn degree I hope to eventually pursue the NP or CRNA degree.
    I have a solid 3.9 gpa because I was previously a pre-med student.
    I was wondering if there are any scholarships for nursing programs?
    I was thinking of applying to accelerated programs such as the ones in SUNY downstate, Hunter-bellevue, and NYU, however NYU is quite expensive, and SBU 1 year program is great but way too far from where I live (brooklyn).

    I'm debating on applying for the regular 2 year programs as well but i feel in my case the accelerated programs fit my situation and that I am competitive enough.

    Any advice and recommendations will help!
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