Saint Pauls School of Nursing Summer 2018

  1. Hey everyone, i have been accepted into SPSON Queens campus for summer 2018 starting May 7th! has anyone else been accepted? I will be doing evening classes!
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  3. by   Briannavacc
    Hey! Yes I was accepted also ! Did you do all of your paperwork
  4. by   bsundberg7
    i did all my paperwork! everything is on castle branch and drug test and backround check is complete. I have to re do tap for financial aide so i go on april 2nd. Did you get all of your paperwork? did they send you orientation dates?
  5. by   Briannavacc
    Yess all my paper work is done besides the cpr class! But they haven't told me orientation dates yet or when I will eat my uniforms and books and stuff lol
  6. by   adrianjh99
    just out of curiosity was there any pre-reqs to get into their nursing program
  7. by   Briannavacc
    Not to get into program, you take them while taking nurses courses
  8. by   bsundberg7
    i had my CPR for work so i didnt have to re take it luckily! and i got a letter in the mail that says my orientation is two days four hours each day and we get books + uniforms there! mine is 4/19 & 4/20. Im sure its different for SI though!
  9. by   bsundberg7
    There are no pre reqs required. If you have credits already that are a B and above and were taken within theast 5 years they will transfer!
  10. by   Briannavacc
    Did anyone get a schedule yet ?
  11. by   bsundberg7
    I didnt get mine, its not posted on my campus link. Maybe at orientation? Did you get a dates for that yet?
  12. by   Briannavacc
    I believe it is May 3 just one day for Staten Island campus. I hope they give the schedule soon I have to let my job know lol
  13. by   bsundberg7
    i know ugh! did you check on your my campus link? I wonder why your orientation is so close to the first day of class?! that stinks. Im so excited to start! what are you taking? i had english and psych transfer so im just taking fundementals and a&p1
  14. by   Briannavacc
    Yeah they said schedules should be out this week so let's hope and I'm so mad my English and psychology was over 5 years so that didn't transfer in but my a and p did I'm dreading re taking pre reqs lol