Question about Suny Downstate

  1. I'm interested in their accelerated program. It says on the website that you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 with atleast a C in the pre-reqs. The GPA from my previous bachelor's is a 2.8. However, I know that once I'm done with the rest of the pre-reqs needed it will be way above 3.0.

    Do they count the GPA from my current bachelor's (2.8) or do they only count the grades that are applicable to the pre-reqs needed for their program and tally those grades to factor in a gpa?

    -Someone please help!

    Cee Cee
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  3. by   sofia2006
    when they say cummulative, they really mean cum, so you will have to calculate what it comes to when you do the math.

    and one thing i wanted to advise you of, is the stony brook 1 year program. their cutt of is exactly 2.8 gpa.

    hope this helps