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I know it's early, but is anyone else looking at Pace's ABSN program to start in 2013? I'm 90% finished with my prerequisites and just getting the pieces together to start the application process!... Read More

  1. by   NJnursehopeful
    i have no idea which it is but either way I was not contacted for an interview. I too wish we knew what was going on
  2. by   NJnursehopeful
    anybody else hear anything?
  3. by   jaytphan
    Alright guys!

    I just spoke with the lady from the admissions office. She said that there were some acceptance/rejection letters that have been sent out already. She is unsure if all potential candidates for admissions will be interviewed, and that it will be decided by the nursing department. I asked to be transferred to the nursing department, but she said that they will not be able to answer any questions that she cannot already answer. She said that all letters should be sent out by May 1st!!! I hope there are no changes to this date. I am pretty sure all of us are tired of hearing conflicting info! I hate it how they're so unorganized! Hang in there guys!
  4. by   NJnursehopeful
    Thanks Jay!

    Do we know when these acceptance/rejection letters were sent out? im getting so nervous.
  5. by   jaytphan
    @blueangel2241 I am guessing they sent it out last week!?! I am not too sure so it is probably right after the first round of interviews. The last time I called in to ask this question was a week before the interviews and they said that nothing was sent out during that time!
  6. by   mairayhans
    So if they have desicions already being sent why when I check the status of my application still says that my application is still in review? Do you guys check the status of your application online? is it the same for you? So nervous... I wish they could be more straight forward so we don't have to guess what's going on . Best of luck to all of us!
  7. by   NJnursehopeful
    How do we check?
  8. by   NJnursehopeful
    nevermind i figured it out .. mine still just says submitted
  9. by   mairayhans
    Does that mean it has not been reviewed yet? so confusing! btw I called the admissions office and the lady told me that some letters were sent out last week (as somebody said before) and if I was in the group that got interviewed on march 18th I should be getting a letter on the mail shortly. I just want to know if it's a YES or NO! This waiting is killing me
  10. by   NJnursehopeful

    thanks for the info! im not sure if mine has been reviewed.. but it was in the beginning of Feb ! i hate the waiting game! crossing my fingers for you!
  11. by   pregunta
    A'ight, don't get excited -- I don't have any answers about admissions decisions! I'm waiting too. Just here to add what I've heard.
    I also interviewed on Monday 3/18/2013, and nursing faculty said they were going to hold another interview day in April, and would send decisions at the end of April. I emailed the admissions office that same week, asking when we'd hear back, and they replied "The Nursing Dept. is still conducting CDP interviews. Decision letters should start going out in April." April when? Who knows...

    I got all application components in just before March 1. My status online went from Incomplete to Complete to In Review. I am still "In Review."
    And by the way, I believe the interview is a new admissions requirement this year (i.e. not just for those who they deem "on-the-fence").
    To those of you who have called the admissions office, did you call the Grad or Undergrad office? Because CDP is admitted through the Grad office. Maybe that would explain the discrepancies.
  12. by   mairayhans
    what a great summary. I totally agree with you. They also told me that they were going to send admission desicion by the end of April so I started thinking uhmm maybe they will hold another interview before they start accepting people from the first group who interview. After that second interview my guess is that they will start reviewing regular admission applications that came after the priority deadline. I called yesterday twice, in them mornig and in the afternoon and again they kept telling me different stories. On my first call I didn't have the opportunity to specify which program I was applying to the only thing he said was that the admissions office sent out some letters las week and that I should be hearing from them soon. Since I wasn't satisfied with that answer I called a second time and spoke to a lady and this time I did specify that I applied to the cdp program and that I was interviewed on the 18th so she said: "The nursing school hasn't made any desicions yet neither has it sent out any letters. You will have to wait."
    Oh well .... I guess the truth is that they will indeed hold another interview in April and then by the and of April they will start sending out decisions. The interview as one of the ladies in the school of nursing told me and as pregunta said too is an admission requirement this year.
    Once again, good luck to all of us and I guess we have no other option but to wait...... sights....
  13. by   NJnursehopeful
    where did you guys go to check your status?