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Hi everyone, There was no forum for NYU BSN applicants, so I thought I'd start one. Hello, is there anybody out there? :wavey:... Read More

  1. by   kaylaDclark
    Hi! Im applying to the BSN program for Fall 2014.. just wanted to know if anyone had any opinions on the BSN program? I definetly realize the expenses of it all, and its something ive definetly took into consideration. TO anyone who has already been accepted to the BSN program, do you think I have a shot? I definetly have a low gpa 2.7, as of right now, but I am taking classes in the spring to boost my gpa. I have a lot of volunteer experience, volunteer at my colleges student Health Center for a year, volunteer in a special needs classroom in my church for 2 years. Special Olympics volunteer, lots of mission trips. So basically I have a lot of volunteer experience and a low gpa lol. I have a lot of my sciences don't already like Microbiolgy, Anatomy, Chemistry, Physiology etc. And haven't gotten anything under a C. I really really want to go to NYU, and will be so disappointed if I don't get in lol. Any feedback would be so appreciated! Thank you guys!