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Hello, I'm a long time AN reader, first time poster. I haven't seen any discussion about spring 2013 entry, so I thought I would start. When are you guys going to apply? august or sept?... Read More

  1. by   jhlucchesi
    hopefulapplicant- same here! i called about the "regular decision" part of albert and they said everyone's says that. Glad other people had that concern as well. I have my fingers crossed for all of us who haven't heard yet. uhgg!!!
  2. by   NYtoFLRN
    Has anyone who applied regular decision (Nov 1 deadline) been accepted yet?
  3. by   skorpiosxiv
    I applied for reg. decision - still waiting!
  4. by   RhodyRed
    svdbygrc2k9 - I will be commuting from LI too! My trip will be about 1hr30mins EACH way. Hope I survive!
  5. by   BayArea510
    @RhodyRed - Wow, a 3 hour commute. Imagine if classes are everyday... I commend you, I would never be able to do that.
  6. by   ssv78
    hopefulapplicant, early decision is just for freshman, not accelerated. they do have a priority deadline so that you hear earlier rather than later, but everyone who is not a freshman is regular decision. does that make sense? good luck to you and all!
  7. by   RhodyRed
    BayArea510 - I used to do the commute for several years when I worked full-time in NYC. My roundtrip commute back then door-to-door was 5 hours. Needless-to-say, once I realized how much time I was spending on the train, I quit my job! I'm not worried about the commute now though, I just hope I'm there enough for my kids and husband
  8. by   excitedRNNN
    Peachypeach, the admins removed your fb group link :[
    Can you paste the group name and group ID number here instead?
    the group ID number should be after fb.com /groups/ 9999 <-- the group number should be where the 9999 is

    I don't know why the admins need to remove fb group links... it's not like we're plotting anything destructive -.-
  9. by   peachypeach719
    Omg LOL!! I named it 2013 January NYU ABSN!! (With the two exclamation pts!)In the link these are the numbers at the end 100000558622282
  10. by   svdbygrc2k9

    Omyyy. Where are you from in LI? I'm from Woodmere. I hate commuting. It's really exhausting. So I'm probably going to dorm but they're so expensive.
  11. by   svdbygrc2k9
    @ peachypeach719

    I can't find our FB group. It always says it's temporarily unavailable. I made another one. Hope you don't mind. =) It's NYU ABSN 2013-2014
  12. by   peachypeach719
    No problem !!!!!! I will find yours.
  13. by   smichaud
    Yay!!! I got in too!! Im so excited. Read the email and couldn't stop screaming. Still cant believe this is real. Congrats to everyone else who got in and good luck to those still waiting!