NY State attempting to close my hospital

  1. I am an Emergency Department Manager in upstate NY and I wanted to make everyone aware out there of the current recommendations by "The Berger Commission". This commission was hand picked by Gov. Pataki to decide how to "fix" healthcare in NY state. Their recommendations were released on Nov. 29th giving the people of the state of NY only 14 working days to get the legislature and senate to reject the recommendations. This means if in this short period of time their recommendations will become law. Let me tell everyone, this law will affect thousands of jobs in NY state, including closing hundreds of hospital beds (four hospitals in NY city). Furthermore the union supporting these people that will be jobless is supporting the recommendations of the commissions report. The following link gives more detail. I pray that we are able to stop these recommendations by the end of the year. If not, not only are thousands going to be without jobs, but thousands of residents of the state of NY will have to travel great distances for in-patient and emergency care.
    Thanks for listening.
    Notice of Public Hearing
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