Nassau community college spring 13

  1. Hello! Just got my letter in the mail yesterday stating that I got in the program. Any one else going to be in the interview this Tuesday?!
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to New York State Nursing Programs for more response.
  4. by   MonicaMichelle
    hey i got accepted as well. im in section J .
    what about u guys?
  5. by   boogiedown
    I'm in section J too!
  6. by   MonicaMichelle
    Are all the j's going to be in 1 class ?? I'm in j4I'm happy cause I don't have to go all the way to huntington. Phew
  7. by   boogiedown
    Yeah I believe we're all in one class
  8. by   MonicaMichelle
    do you know what week we start clinicals at the hospital ?
  9. by   987!
    Hey girls! Congrats on getting into Nassau, I just graduated from there last semester. To answer your questions, yes all of the J's will be together in the same classroom and have the same schedules and go to the same hospital, but when in the hospital you will get broken up into 3 or 4 different clinical groups. You will be rotating probably 2 or 3 different floors.

    You probably start clinicals the 4th or 5th week after you learn a few skills like Blood pressure, pulse, bed baths, etc. Also one thing I loved is that the first day on clinicals they do not make you even touch the patient- just talk to them. This was great because I was nervous my first day and it helped me ease my way in.
  10. by   mike2363
    Also starting Jan 13. I will be out of town for the orientation day, kinda bummed about that
  11. by   MonicaMichelle
    Thanks for the info. I haven't received the blue slip so i am worried.

    My adviser said that the orientation was mandatory and that i better have nothing on my schedule that day
  12. by   987!
    Yea, it sucks that its mandatory because I will tell youright now it is BORING. Everyone meets in the main hall, and there are speeches from teachers, president, and others. Then everyone goes into separate classrooms and are given little assignments as a group, nothing crazy or anything- just a way to get people to speak about who they are, study tips, what nursing school is about and stuff like that. then they have raffles and lunch.
    Don't flip about about the blue slip- try to get it, but u must have it by the time ur first clinical is, which is week 4 or 5
  13. by   Alechavez
    Hi, I just got accepted for fall 2013... Can you please tell me what is he interview about? I'm so nervous!!
  14. by   sachmo61691
    Quote from Alechavez
    Hi, I just got accepted for fall 2013... Can you please tell me what is he interview about? I'm so nervous!!
    what was your gpa in the 4 required classes, teas score, and how many credits did you apply with?