MSKCC - Do they hire new grads?

  1. I was wondering whether MSKCC hires new grads? I checked their job section and all jobs say 1-3 years of experience in relevant area. Also, lets say I worked there on hematology or med surg... would all of the patients have cancer or is there care of normal acute patients also?
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  3. by   acmsn1012
    My mom has worked at MSKCC for over 30 years, and I think the only reason I would ever be able to get a job there would be by name-dropping. I hear that they really do value the experience. They're all so great and professional there, though, and it seems that everybody knows everybody in a really tight network of cancer nurses. I'm not applying any time soon, so I won't steal any spots from you hahah, but certainly state your case, and explain your experience with cancer patients, I bet it could help!! If you happen to know anybody who could vouch for you that could also help, too.

    Sorry I don't have much accurate knowledge on what's the deal with MSKCC. I hear that the experience is really crucial and all, but I'm not an expert at all. All I know is what I've heard from my mom and her co-workers.

    Best of luck!!
  4. by   shadowness
    Your post makes me feel as if I have little chance as a new grad. Thanks for the input though! any others?
  5. by   Nurse Connie
    I interviewed with them earlier in the year before I took my NCLEX. The only reason I got the interview is because the director of nursing is very close with my cousins and I met him at one of their parties. Unfortunately for me, they had just changed their policies and are only hiring BSN grads from now on. But, to answer your question, they do hire new grads and they have a 6 month orientation. I beleive all the patients there are cancer patients though. Good luck!
  6. by   shadowness
    What a great answer! Thank you. I actually know someone who works there but not in the nursing department. Im sure that may help. I wondering whether working in a cardiac unit (where i want to work) will be the same if all the patients are also oncology. I'm also concerned about the daily stress of working with cancer patients.
  7. by   Nurse Connie
    I could be wrong but I think MSKCC is JUST a cancer care hospital. They have an ED, but I don't think they have your typical cardiac and med-surg type of units. Ask your friend. My mom and dad both had outpatient surgery there, and the unit I interviewed for was bone marrow transplant.
  8. by   ny_rn
    My sister works there and was hired as a new grad. She has a good friend who works there who was able to get her the interview though. Good luck!
  9. by   coast2coastRN
    I also met a fellow alumni of my school (BSN program) who got hired there as a new grad. He loves it and even offered to hand in my resume, but I haven't heard back from him or MSKCC, though I havent reached out to them personally either. If you know MSKCC are gonna be at a career fair, definitely go because that's how fellow alumni got the contact.
  10. by   nycedagreat
    I was hired at Mskcc this year. I am a new grad. I was very persistent as far as contacting and re-contacting. I even asked their nurse managers and recruiters who came across my application to please inform me of any corrections that they saw fit. Coast2Coast you are right as far as contacting their recruiters-without the original recruiter contact it would have probably turned out different. Mskcc has an excellent rep amongst employees and clients. I was lucky. I met a recruiter and stayed in contact continuously. It's not unprofessional to go after what you want. If I see a beautiful woman with a bright smile I would go after. What's the difference? Sorry for the bad analogy.
  11. by   nycedagreat
    I also forgot, build a portfolio. Don't build it. Make one. You already have everything needed to put into one. Just buy a decent looking binder(professional looking) and make one. If you need help let me know. They are a great marketing tool for yourself. Many hospitals are discussing to have them mandatory in the future so having one when interviewing or talking with Hr is a plus. Especially if your able to see one of the managers. You can also leave it with any recruiter or nurse manager or anyone you see fit. Think of it as a business card Just with an extremely detailed snapshot of yourself.
  12. by   ileex3
    When I was in the Associate Degree Nursing Program, one of my classmates got an internship there. She was hired right after with only an associate degree. I had a friend who works there, and it has gotten me no where. He said to just keep applying.
  13. by   bTRUE
    They do hire new grads but dont have any positions as of right now. Your best bet is to work as a PCA or CNA there and work your way up from there when a new grad position does open up. I only say this because I know Best of luck
  14. by   helloitsmev
    Hi everyone!

    Does anyone know about how the hiring process works at SLOAN? My references are completed online and know waiting back for the next step. Any information???