moving..what's a nice area to live in Rochester?

  1. [font="tahoma"]hey guys! i finally got a job! it's in rochester which is about 5 hours away from where i live now... i was wondering if anyone out there knows of any nice neighborhoods where i could possibly find an apartment. any input will be greatly appreciated :d ! thank you so much!

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  3. by   renee1975
    Where are you working? That will help me narrow down what part of Rochester to tell you about. You don't want to live on the east side if you're working all the way over on the west...the commute's not too bad but its silly, especially in a place like Rochester where there are a lot of good sections to live in.
  4. by   newRN_NY
    i'm going to rochester general. i was looking in the brighton area as well... thanks for your help!! :spin:
  5. by   renee1975
    Oh my I completely forgot to reply to you! I'm sorry! Anyways, RGH is sorta central Rochester, and not in the greatest of areas to live in. Brighton is a GREAT area to look for housing in. Are you looking to buy or rent? Are you single or married with kids? I would definitely look in Brighton, Pittsford or even the NE section of the city. You could even look towards Greece but not North Greece (that commute will be kinda long). I would stay away from anything in the zip code of 14609, 14621, and 14615. Good luck!
  6. by   newRN_NY
    [font="tahoma"]thank you so so so much for the info ! the only time i have ever been to rochester was for my interview at rgh, and i was a little worried because the hospital did not seem to be in the greatest area (the hospital however, is beautiful!). i'm going to be renting with my boyfriend, we are definitely going to look into the areas you recommended, i really like the sound of brighton! again, thank you so much for your input! xoxo
  7. by   beckster_01
    Brighton/Pittsford are great areas, they can be a little expensive but there are some good apartment complexes if you don't have pets. You can also look in Webster which is a nice 10 minute drive on 104 from RGH. Getting there from Brighton involves a couple more expressway changes which is annoying. Definitely don't live in the RGH neighborhood, but it seems you have that figured out
  8. by   g!RN
    Elmwood manor is pretty good. It is in Brighton.
  9. by   valsalvamanuever2

    My wife and I lived around the area for 6 years for school and still at times miss it.
    Depending on what type of living you like (i.e. complex vs. apartment in a house), there are a great many choices.
    Originally we lived at Elmwood manor as suggested by a different poster as we were afraid to live in the city. It is a nice complex located close enough to thoroughfares to
    commute. It seems to have a more "yuppyish" crowd. Brighton/Pittsford are considered some of the "nicer" (read higher rent) areas. Webster/Fairport/Penfiled are considered safe, slightly lower cost east side suburbs, but you will have to commute, as much as it is, with the flow of people.
    About three miles from Elmwood Manor you can live within city limits in apartments in older homes in the city (read student, as well as young urbanite areas). We absolutley loved our time in this area (areas referred to as Swillburg, South Wedge, Meigs-Monroe neighborhoods.) Rents are typically lower, and we personally love older houses. If you have ever lived in a city, you should be fine in these eastern city neighborhoods. If, like us, you were from out in the country, you may want to live in the Brighton/Pittsford areas before finding out which neighborhoods/streets are better than others. In Rochester it really can be street to street and time of day dependent on how safe you may feel in a particular area; I wouldn't get lost in the city at night at first. We found craigslist to really helpful in apartment hunting.
    Make sure you check out the Public Market, one of the best open air farmer's/produce markets we've seen, as well as the famous garbage plate. There are also lots of outdoor recreation opportunities if that's up your ally.
    If you have any other questions in addition to my long-windedness, feel free to message me.
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