Molloy BSN spring 2018

  1. Has anyone applied and heard back regarding testing or acceptance/rejection notifications? All I keep getting is a letter stating what they have received in terms of paperwork and also stating i have not taken any testing yet. Anyone else received anything different or heard about what's next???

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  3. by   scoffey23
    Hi! I was getting the same things over and over and I kept calling and asking and they would just say they hadn't started reviewing applications yet. Finally yesterday I got a letter saying that I should go and take the math and english screening exams either today or September 29th. I read older forums where people said their letter told them they were accepted but had to take the tests, unfortunately mine just says "Upon completion of the tests and your interview with Dr. Aprigliano, the admissions office will proceed with the evaluation of your application and notify you of the outcome." I am wondering if this is just a change they made to the acceptance process or if I should be worried. Has anyone else heard otherwise?
  4. by   pjwinstalls
    Can I ask when you sent your application in?

  5. by   scoffey23
    I applied in late June! How about you?
  6. by   pjwinstalls
    May. No testing dates yet.
  7. by   scoffey23
    I'm sure you'll be getting the letter any day now!
  8. by   Whoviann
    Hey scoffey23,

    I got the same exact letter you did regarding what happens upon completion of the exams, and I will also be taking it September 29th. So, I wouldn't worry as this is probably part of their new process .

    Good luck for anyone else taking it that day!
  9. by   pjwinstalls
    Whoviann, May I ask when you applied?

  10. by   Whoviann

    I applied on August 30th, 2017. I handed my application, optional college essay, and transcript in person at their admissions office. About September 6th, I got a letter in the mail stating they recieved all my documents and I will be informed at a later date when I can take the entrance exams. It was September 18th, when I finally got the letter regarding the exams.

    Hope this helps!
  11. by   scoffey23
    I know the group just says BSN but are you both applying for the dual degree spring 2018 program?
  12. by   Whoviann
    Yup! I'm applying for the dual degree spring 18 program.
  13. by   scoffey23
    Me too, good luck tomorrow!
  14. by   joyjoy16
    Hi guys, please let me know how the testing went. I actually applied early June and have not heard anything yet. Each time I call, they tell me they should start reviewing in 2 weeks and 2 weeks later, I'm told the same thing again I'm not sure what to think but stay hopeful. So please guys any input on testing and interviews would be greatly appreciated. scoffey23 how was the exam?