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Has anyone applied and heard back regarding testing or acceptance/rejection notifications? All I keep getting is a letter stating what they have received in terms of paperwork and also stating i... Read More

  1. by   scoffey23
    Hi joyjoy16,

    I'm sure you'll hear something soon, judging by what I've read in old forums it seems pretty random and people are being accepted all the way into December! I took the tests this morning, the math is pretty simple and you have plenty of time to triple check all your work. The Nelson Denny was frustrating. The questions are not as hard as some of the practice tests I have taken but it's simply not enough time to answer all 100. I think that is normal though! I was only able to finish 85. Has anyone else taken the exams yet?
  2. by   ata9
    Hello everyone! I applied on June 5 and took the screening exams on the 21st. I already know my results and am just waiting to hear back.

    Scoffy- the interview with the director is not mandatory; rather it is only if they request for you to interview. As a result some people will not interview.

    I met with Marc Soelvyn, who is a director of admissions, earlier in the summer, and he told me a lot about the process. Basically after the screening exams, they start to send out the first batch of acceptances. From other forums, I've gathered that some people have previously received acceptances about 10 days after they take their screening tests, so if anyone took them with me on the 21st that will be next week! Very nervous, I keep refreshing my page online to see if it updates because apparently that gets updated quicker than it takes for the mail to arrive at your house. The first round of acceptances are given a deadline to send in a $400 deposit, and once they find out how many seats are available, they send out a second round of acceptances - this continues until all seats are filled.

    Also, just cause this was unclear - before I took the exams I was under the impression that if you didn't place 14th grade English that you would just have to take a class, but the proctor told us the day of the exam that while you can fail math, you can't fail English if you are applying to the dual degree program... So if anyone is taking the exams later, I advise sharpening your reading comprehension skills, as the majority of the English section is determined by the reading comp.

    If anyone hears back about a decision please update! I will do so as well!
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  3. by   scoffey23
    Congrats on passing @ata9!

    I just received my exam results as well. Does anyone know what your chances of getting in are if you pass the exams?
  4. by   ata9
    Congrats to you too @scoffey! I saw on the forum for the last semester's class that someone was accepted but only if they take the remedial math class cause they failed the screening exam... Not sure what the chances are of getting in if you pass both but I'd assume that will only help you! I know they look at GPA as the biggest factor though.
  5. by   scoffey23
    Has anyone who took the tests on the 21st heard anything? I took them on the 29th and I have been checking my lion den admission status like crazy but all it says is "applied stage"
  6. by   ata9
    Hi scoffey, I took mine on the 21st and also haven't heard back... Getting impatient over here...
  7. by   Lilmisskris1113
    Hey everyone, I took the tests on the 29th as well, still haven't heard anything and I've been checking the lions den website like crazy too. Admissions said we should receive a response within two weeks of taking the tests so hopefully its not much longer!!
  8. by   ata9
    Got my acceptance online today!
  9. by   Whoviann
    Congratulations ata9!

    I was just wondering though, how do you check your status online? I sent in my application to them in person, so I'm not sure how to view it online or how to access lions den.

  10. by   ata9
    Thank you whoviann! Admissions - Admissions Status | Portal Home This is the link I used, you have to register as a new student though. They ask you for basic info and they give you a 6-digit id and a password that you can use to log on and check the status of your application. Good luck!
  11. by   Lilmisskris1113
    I got my acceptance too! Go to and click where it says student retrieval tool. There's a few steps of putting in your social but it gives you a user name and password to log in
  12. by   Whoviann
    Great, thank you! However, I don't see any updates regarding application on lions den :/. Under the admissions tab, it just directs me to different links about completing another application. This is probably because I did not submit my application to them online. Did you guys apply to Molloy online?

    I guess now I just need to wait a little longer! Hopefully my letter in the comes soon. Did anybody receive a letter in the mail yet regarding their application status?

    Good luck to everyone else who is still patiently waiting! lol
  13. by   Lilmisskris1113
    I applied in person as well but after you've made an account and click admissions, on the left sidebar there's a tab that says admissions status . That's where you will find the update! Good luck!!