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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   LuvVt
    Oh gosh I am so nervous. I took my exam yesterday(02\22\09) at 1:15pm. I am so so nervous. I pray that I passed I cannot deal with failing. I wish everyone the best of luck. For the next 3 weeks I will be a wreck until I get my results. This test had a lot of decimal questions it. Ummm...that's all I can think of now. I used their practice exams and a nurse entrance exam review book by barrons I believe. I will update u all when I find out my results. Pray for me!
  2. by   Juliec012783
    i will pray for u luvvt! hopefully we can be future classmates this upcoming september
  3. by   LuvVt
    Yes julie I PRAY that we can be classmates. Did u take yours as yet? I literally made myself sick today at work while thinking about my test results
  4. by   Juliec012783
    oh my god i can imagine!!! no i was Schedule too take it the same day as u but, i didnt have a valid ID lets see when they send me the next test date! So how was it?? was it as hard as they say it is?? im soo nervous, i have to get into that school in September! WE HAVE TO GET INTO THAT SCHOOL IN SEPTEMBER 2009 ) well ive been studying two practice exams and the study guide
  5. by   HEVAL

    I did the test on 02/22/o9 at 8:15 am. It was okay but the synonyms and antonyms was a little difficult. One more thing time management is very important. Wish you good luck!
  6. by   MsAmbitious2336
    :spin:GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE. I know how it feels to take an important exam and have to wonder if you passed or not. I will take mines next saturday and Im still studying.
    Hi HEVAL, can you tell me the sequence of the exam..... is it reading comprehension, math and then the lanuage ability?
    Did you finish all the questions?
    And about the synonyms and antonyms, was there ten questions for them each?
    I think that is the most difficult sections out of the whole exam because there is always two words that look as if it can be the answer.
    O yea, was it a lot people taking the exam along with u guys, Heval and Luvvt?
  7. by   HEVAL
    Yes, the exam is in the sequence as the practice test. I did complete all my questions and I had time to review. There was alot of people taking that test and such limited space to be filled. I am so happy that I have three weeks of orientation for work to take my mind off the suspensation of the results.
  8. by   HEVAL
    :spin:Good Luck to you,MsAmbitious2336:spin:
  9. by   LuvVt
    Ambitious it was a lot of people taking that test. I'm not being a jerk or anything but they were mostly older people
  10. by   Julz920
    Heval & LuvVt,

    Did you ladies feel that the practice exams helped at all? Im currently enrolled in the Cnet prep course at mid manhattan and will be taking the cnet sometime in May courtesy of the hhc program (Thank God). BUT i still would like to purchase at least one practice book if it helps with formatting and knowing what to expect. My bestfriend took the exam on 2/22/09 and she feels confident that she passed and didnt find it too difficult. She also said that there were a mix of ppl, younger, older, blk, white, asian, hispanic etc... She was one of the younger ones you mightve seen (22)...
  11. by   LuvVt
    yes carmz i believe the practice exam helped me alot. the same questions are used on cnets test so familiarize yourself with those questions. of course not the same identical questions but you get thepoint im making.
  12. by   MsAmbitious2336
    Hi Luvvt,
    Thanks for the information........... about the verbal ability, were the synonyms and antnoyms words that a person would be familiar with. I mean words that a person probably would not use everyday when speaking, but know the meaning of.
    Good Lock to everyone!
  13. by   MsAmbitious2336
    Thanks for the information HEVAL.