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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   Juliec012783
    Ohh I get it, no im not interested in that im willing to pay, thanks skinnymelt..... what books should I use for tabe? Skinny did u go on the interview already?? How was it??
  2. by   NursingHopeful09
    Hello panacrissy, This will be my second time too all I can say is to keep trying if this is something you really want to do question on the language portion of your test, how many questions did you get right out of 60 to get a 42% percentile. I am so nervous I take my test on April 25. And remember Don't give up.
  3. by   skinnymelt
    Just waiting till June for an answer. The interview was just a writing sample.
  4. by   Libra1012
    Thank you skinnymelt for all the information. I passed the CNET and TABE and I am in the process of filling out the application. It is good to know that the interview is a writing sample.
  5. by   skinnymelt
    Just double check to ensure all your papers are filled out be4 you make the trip.
    It takes about an hour at the most. They go thru your application package and ask you to write a few paragraphs.
  6. by   cuzhenrys
    Good Luck guys to all you DOE prospects, i am currently participating in the program at the manhattan scool. All i can say is be prepared to study hard and to study non stop until your ready to take your boards.
    By the way i am suprised that no one got their verbal acceptance yet anyway good louck future nurses of America!
  7. by   PanaCrissy
    For NursingHopeful09 I received 49 out of 60 correct...... from wat i heard BALC and MM go by percentile and not percentage....... so i guess it really doesnt matter how ur scores are.... u have to get a high percentile nationally. But im startin to wonder is this a scheme to make money? when u add up all the costs (test, studyguides) and the amount of people who take the test for only 150 seats... they have to at least make half a mil or more!!!! think about it. But of course im not goin to give up at all... Ill try again next yr.
  8. by   Libra1012
    Thanks for the encouragement, I heard that there are a lot of high scores (12.9) on the TABE, good luck to everyone!
  9. by   Juliec012783
    My exam for the cnet is april 25th, I don't know why I have this negative feeling like im going to fail the vocabulary sectio has been extremely hard 4 me!! I don't know what I should do?? I didn't do high school here in the states, I believe most of a persons vocab is learned through ur hs yrs. Im really stressed can anyone offer sum advice?
  10. by   skinnymelt
    Study the vocabulary words from the GED books at the library.
  11. by   B-encouraged
    Question for current students, can you apply to the goldwater campus if you are NOT applying for the scholarship? I've passed the CNET and the TABE, and preparing for the interview. Just trying to decide which school to go to.

    Any help will be appreciated.
  12. by   skinnymelt
    Congrats! I believe Goldwater is for the limited income applicants. I was asked if I wanted Brooklyn or Manhattan if all went well.
  13. by   B-encouraged
    Thanks for the speedy response. I hope I get accepted. I'm just afraid that there will be so many students who do well on the tests that they will have to turn people away. Do you know of any students who made it to the interview stage, and was NOT accepted?