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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   Julz920
    My best friend took the CNET Feb 22nd and passed, shes taking the Tabe 3/19/09, im excited 4 her! I take my Tabe and Cnet in May! So for those curious about the test still being administered a bunch of us with the hhc program will be taking it in 2 months!!!!!!!
  2. by   skinnymelt
    Carmzz, is your test only for applicants applying to Goldwater?
    Testing began in Jan. and they're still looking for candidates?
    Does my passing the CNET and the TABE guarantee me a place in the program?
    I'm starting to wonder. The day of my TABE exam there were 20 people there and about 16 passed. The total for the 2009 class is roughly 150 spots I guess. I hope Elizabeth -RN is correct when she says all you have to do is pass the CNET,TABE and interview. I paid about $200 in doctors fees for my immunizations.
  3. by   Julz920

    Honestly one of the directors of the HHC nursing program (Ms. Shields) came in and spoke to the prep class, she was telling us that thousands have been tested so far. One of my classmates asked, "what if a large amount of students pass?" Ms Shields said that the highest scores would be chosen. She also said that if WE don't make it into the Goldwater program we have priority seating @ MMALC 0r BALC. I'm not sure if FutureRNelizabeth is accurate in how many people are chosen but what I will say is that if it is so, and about 150 students are chosen; there are a little over 80 HHC CNET/TABE prep students...

    How did you do on the exams?...At this point I wont co-sign that all you have to do is pass the exams, its competitive and kinda unrealistic. In my best friends class alone there were over 200 people taking the exam. So if they're testing hundreds of people 2-3 times a week until May do you honestly think all you have to do is pass the exams?

    In any case my fingers are crossed. Hopefully they choose the best candidates.
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  4. by   skinnymelt
    I received an 86 on the CNET and 12.9 and 12.9on the TABE. I remember RN-Elizabeth stating that getting
    into the 40th % will guarantee you a seat. I'm starting to have some doubts. It seems well over a thousand or maybe 4-5 thousand took this CNET for 150 seats.
  5. by   Julz920
    I wish i knew if the seats were guranteed, a load of people are being tested, all we can do is wait
  6. by   NursingHopeful09
    Hello skinny melt,
    I've been preping for the cnet exam at the manhattan site I am so nervous, i've been taking the practice test and can't seem to get any higher than 43 out of 60 in the language, it is killing me I still over a month to take the test but feel so overwhelmed. Any suggestions??
  7. by   Julz920
    When exactly do u take ur exam NursingHopeful09. I'm preparing @ Manhattan also. Do u go Mon and Sat or Tue, Wed, Thur?
  8. by   skinnymelt
    The language part,what section?Vocab,syn,antonyms,Spelling?
  9. by   NursingHopeful09
    I go on Tues and Thurs 12-3:30, my test is the last testing date in April which is the 25th so I still have around a month or so of studying. I just really want to do well. Skinny I've been taking the entire laguage Test Vocab,syn,antonyms and Spelling and I keep getting 43 out of 60. My prep teacher says I should get around 50 out of 60 right, it's like i'm almost their but not quite yet. I've been studying so hard hopefully I can bring up my scores a little more after a month.
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  10. by   PanaCrissy
    Hello all im new to this website, but I've always enjoyed readin posts. Some were very helpful. Well I took my CNET March 7th. (my second time takin it) and I failed the reading by 1 question I'm assuming. My scores were...
    Numerical: 47%
    Language: 42%
    Overall: 45%
    I was/am still upset about my results, I studied so hard for it to fail it by one question. (I keep sayin one question cuz my first test score was 30% with 26 questions right, second 28 questions with 37%) Im so I dont want to wait again till next yr to take the test again. When I graduated out of high school I was a CNA. I loved workin at the Nursing Home. I grew real close to the patients LOL. So I think Nursing is for me. Can anybody give me advice on wat i should do, or apply to next??? BTW I live in brooklyn. NY.. Thanks.
  11. by   skinnymelt
    Maybe the third time will be a charm. Go for it again next year.
  12. by   Juliec012783
    hi all!!

    can someone help me out?? is there any chance i can still take/ participate in the prep classes?? my exam is in a month april 25th. ohh and one more question?? what is the goldwater program?? im def confused.... i want too know more about this LPN program but everytime i call a answering machine picks up (manhathan site) any suggestions who should i talk too?? thanks and good luck too all!!!
  13. by   skinnymelt
    Work on passing the Cnet and TABE. Then if you pass, you will have a chance to apply
    to the Goldwater program. I believe you must be on the financially challenged level to qualify. That whole program is free. They will give you an application if you pass the TABE. There was a previous thread about Goldwater somewhere.