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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   won2work
    I took the test too on 2/22 @ 1:15. There were so many people there. I wonder how many people will be accepted into the sept 2009 class? If all those people just happen to pass, who will they let into the program???
  2. by   MsAmbitious2336
    Hi won2work, how was the exam?
    And about the people, was it over 50 people in your group or more?
    Im just trying to get and idea of how many people that apply?
    Thanks and Good Luck!
  3. by   won2work
    There were over 100 people there. If I had to guess, I would say almost 250 people were there.
  4. by   Julz920
    My instructer for the Cnet said that they choose the students with the highest scores and also after the Cnet theres a Tabe test , the same goes for the Tabe, they choose the highest scores- so i guess thats how they eliminate applicants. In another thread, or maybe even this one (not sure)... someone posted that they choose 150 students... 50 for mid-manhattan, 50 for BALC and 50 for Goldwater. I'll check and post the link.
  5. by   Julz920
    this is the post i was referring to

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    re: mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn
    no, if you pass both test( cnet, tabe a) and pay your part you are automatically in! we had about 80 people in the brooklyn school this year!!!!! they usually take in 60 for each school, some had to go to the manhattan school and some dropped out later in nov and december. now we currently have 66-68 people i believe.

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  6. by   LuvVt
    If you read a lot of books you would know the antonyms and synonyms, if not....read as much as you can. They were a very random bunch of words
  7. by   CPaulino
    They do pick the student with the highest score based on national results (not sure what this entails).

    To be clear, here is the percentile based on how many questions I got right and what they say I scored nationally:

    - Reading: 32 out of 40 - 80% - National Score: 56%
    - Math: 45 out of 50 - 90% - National ScoreL 74%
    - Language: 46 out of 60 - 76% - National Score: 37%

    The 37% is why I didn't make into the program this year. So you really have to do well, not just get 40% of the questions right. Wish I would have known that before I took the test. Hope this helps.
  8. by   skinnymelt
    Reading-36;40 - 78 percentile
    Numerical -45;50 - 74%
    Language-56;60 - 81%

    Cnet-137 out of 150 86 percentile

    On the TAbe 12.9 and 12.9
    The Cnet is harder than the TABE. The TABE gives you less time. Therefore, they are both similar in their respective ways concerning difficulty. I studied the McGraw Hill,Barrons and Cnet Book. I've been out of school for over 20 years. If youstudy, you will pass. Hope this helps.
  9. by   Juliec012783
    hi skinnymelt! can u tell me the names of the books you studied?? well the titles?? thank u, i have the cnet study guide but i feel that it isnt enough, well it probably is but im just freaking out about this exam

    thanks hope ur enjoying ur weekend
  10. by   skinnymelt
    Kaplan-Nursing School Entrance exam-2nd edition.
    Barron's-Nursing School Entrance Exams-3rd edition.
    McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams.

    Go to Barnes and Noble. They have a big section on nursing entrance exam books.These tests are harder than the CNET or TABE. If you can do these tests, you'll pass the CNET and TABE.

    BTW, are they still in the process of administering the CNET for the BOE?
    I thought everyone took it already for the AUG 2009 class.
  11. by   MsAmbitious2336
    Hi skinnymelt, are you currently a student in the lpn program?
  12. by   skinnymelt
    I'm trying to get into the Aug 2009 class.
  13. by   Juliec012783
    thanks skinny melt!

    im trying to get into mid manhattan lpn program