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  1. Hey fellow nurses.

    i am surprised to not find much recent activity about anyone who has had experience with interviewing or currently working at maimonides hospital. I have an interview next week which is AMAZING, since I am an associates degree nursing student who is have way done with BSN and landed this interview. I am curious to know about how their interviews go, orientations, where do they place new grads first, how often do they bring in new nurses, salary starting price, etc...

    Any information or insight into the envirnoment or interview process or anything about maimonides hospital in brooklyn would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you
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  3. by   Sh0rtyking
    hey vincentp5 what sup? seem like you are having a lot of good luck! can you please guide me on how to get interviews? I am from new york and I have been applying to hospitals but no response back! maimonides hospital did not have any new posting on their webpage. I been checking all the hospital sites and whenever there is a opening I apply but I never hear back from them. Can you please give me some tips
  4. by   RNVP25
    Hi shortykingMy mother works there and I mentioned my adoration for the hospital and its administrators in the email i sent to the hospital administrators. This was pure luck! I recommend going outside the box. Motivate yourself to find the locations of recrutors or administrators maybe where u had clinicAls and tell them you really enjoyed the hospital philosophy and want to follow up from applications you put thru online. Alot of times the receptionist will tell u that you have to apply online and they will call you. But you can definitely be more demanding and wait to speak to somone above them or say you have and you need to follow up! Alot of nurse friends of the associates programs are getting connections or call backs from a connection they made or knew of not from just applying to the hospitals. Im sory to tell you that. For 2 months iv been putting in applications into the abyss with no word as to what they think of me or sometimes i get a "no thank you, well keep u on file'' response. Stay strong and continue to network. I encourage you to attend job fairs. There is one in long island this tuesday and connect with hospitals and administrators on also. Good luck my friend and always feel free to pm me.
  5. by   Sh0rtyking
    Hey thank you for your advice! how did your interview go?
  6. by   RNVP25

    Its this thursday, I am practicing my responses to possible questions they may ask as well as making sure my suit is neat and pressed!

    I will be sure to let you know how it goes..

    Thank you,
  7. by   Sh0rtyking
    I am praying for you and I truly hope you get a RN position. I found out the name of the adminisator and email im interested in. but I am so scared to email and don't know how to introduce my self! did you feel this way?
  8. by   srn789
    hey, what position are you interviewing for? or are you just meeting with the nurse recruiter? I recently interviewed there, but was not accepted for the position... I just realized you went for the interview today.. I hope it went well........ I just hope that the nurse recruiter will actually keep me in mind for any other positions there. I am also a ADN RN, and do have a connection in the hospital, but not my mother.. WISH YOU GOODLUCK....
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  9. by   RNVP25
    Hey srn789

    I had the interview today and was told that there are few openings and that there are many applicants for those few openings.
    she asked things like what is the worst clinical experience, best cliinical and what is a patient that you had and give diagnosis, assessment and plan of care..etc..

    was told that its very likely a BSN would get hired. but she was nice i guess..she still had be do paperwork and went through the motions of salary and benefits.

    I already did a follow up and hope to hear soon about what they decide..

    I also met with the CNO and had a nice conversation. he said they do hire exceptional associates degree nurses. we shall see. How do you know you were rejected? and how did you land the interview? from your friend's recommendation?

    Thank you shorty king for you prayers..
  10. by   srn789
    I do have a friend who reccomennded me for a position there. I interviewed with the nurse manager of the hiring floor which had went well. I than had a panel interview with the staff that i messed up on because I was so nervous. I got a call back from the nurse recruiter afterwards letting me know someone more qualified had been hired. Overall it was a good interview process, but i guess since I didnt know what to expect from the nursing staff panel interview, I was so nervous that I bombed it. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get a call back soon ...
  11. by   RNVP25
    I have not met with a nurse manager nor know abt a panel interview. Thats strange. I wonder if they would call me back for that after todays interview. I didnt realize they did that kind of hiring. When did u interview with them?
  12. by   Sh0rtyking
    Hey Bro I hope you get it! don't worry you did your best and you also did follow which is good! I know waiting back for a phone call is pain in the butt! But keep praying and good things will happen! but keep us update! I feel good and get hope when a ADN get hire!
  13. by   srn789
    I recently interviewed, three to four weeks ago. They will call you if they find an open position that would fit your criteria. I am sure they will call you as soon as they have an open position. I didn't meet with the DON, so maybe you will not need to go through the nurse manager, and will be hired directly... I dont know how their hiring process works .....
  14. by   UPMCMurse
    Good luck. I hear good things about Maimo. I might apply there myself.