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  1. Hey everyone,

    I have been accepted into LIU School of Nursing for the Fall 2017 program. I recently graduated with a bachelors from a school in upstate New York and was pretty much in a time crunch. I put all my eggs in one basket and only applied to LIU 24 month program. Yes I was hasty but it is what it is now. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about the program, or has gone through the program? What advice would you give? The tuition is definitely a huge set back for me as it is my second degree (FAFSA will not be able to help me as much) and will have to take out a lot of loans. Thank you for any responses!
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  3. by   sashaj017
    I was thinking about attending for Fall 2017 as well.
  4. by   Sunshine201
    I recently graduated LIU's nursing program may 17'. Congrats on being accepted and beginning your journey into the nursing world. LIU, like any other nursing program in NY has its fair share of challenges. The biggest challenges i have had is with dealing with admin. On the other hand, the professors are easily accessible so don't be afraid to sit with them and review the exams and ensure that you understand the content. The program takes a lot of hard work and dedication and the passing grade for each class in a 76.46 exam average (meaning no group work or otherwise is counted into this). Every semester you will also have to do ATI exams until you graduate. Overall the program prepared me for the real world and not to mention that LiU HAS excellent nclex pass rates. No one that I know of has failed so far from my group.

    Good luck
  5. by   hopefulnurse10038
    Everything that sunshine 201 said is true, the admin are the worst to deal with but you're not there for them anyway. People will complain about the teachers but I've found most very helpful (could also be because I understand that kissing ass gets you places and complaining doesn't). I also paid out of pocket and with the last year of the program had to take out loans because it was too much. Just think of the pay out later.

    I also have the foundations textbooks that I'm selling if you or anyone you know are interested. Both the fundamentals vol 1 and 2 in excellent condition.

    Good luck in school!
  6. by   CrispyApple24
    Thank you so much for your responses, Sunshine and hopefulnurse!
    I will begin the program in Sept so when it comes time that I need those books, I will let you know!
    Any more advice will be greatly appreciated!
  7. by   TOP LPN
    LIU School of Nursing for clinical placements is like "The Hunger Games" You will compete for a spot and most likely not get a clinical placement anywhere near where you live. Most of my clinicals were at least and hour and a 30 minutes from where I live by train; one was 3 hours from my home. They do not take that into consideration. I got pinned as an RN May 2017 with honors; passed the NCLEX in 75 questions (1 1/2 hours) in July; I did that ON MY OWN with UWORLD!!! You will have to take everything upon yourself; there is no real guidance or support. That being said, you are lucky to have a new Dean and many new professors (If you are lucky you will take Med-Surg with Dr. Hauck!). Good luck at LIU... the family of nurses I made there is what kept me going. Good Luck! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have...
  8. by   cdouilleny1120
    Any study tips and how u stayed on top of your classes? Also did u have any issues and if you did how did u resolve it.