Laguardia RN Spring 2018

  1. Anyone know the competition for this candidacy for RN Spring 2018?

    I got A- in A&P1, Psych 1, Eng 1, and a combo average of B- + C- in Chem 1. Scored a 78 on my TEAS.

    Took A&P2 in a 6 week and got a B+.

    Think I have a decent shot?
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  3. by   Sandra17
    Did you get in?
  4. by   waiting4ivpush
    Quote from Sandra17
    Did you get in?
    i dont find out until the 16th
  5. by   Naushin2014
    My current grades are Eng 101, Eng 102, SSY 101, SCC 110 = A, and in SCB 203 = B, MAT 120 = B+. I am very much worried for my A&P B grade. Currently I am taking SCB 204. Upcoming Jan 16, 2018, department will enclose who got in. Can anyone tell me, if there is any chance, I will get in or no.
  6. by   Sandra17
    Any good news?
  7. by   waiting4ivpush
    Quote from Sandra17
    Any good news?
    Yes I got in! How about you?
  8. by   Naushin2014
    Congratulations! I also got in. Excited for the tomorrow's orientation. Best of luck. Now time to run till last!
  9. by   Sandra17
    I am taking prerequisites now. I need one more semester before I can apply to nursing program. Congratulation and good luck!