Lagcc nursing fall 2018

  1. Hi fellow Lagcc RN candidates,

    Is anyone excited for the acceptance/rejection letter to be handed out on July 11? I personally can't wait. Hopefully this fall semester GPA is not that competitive! A student said it's 3.0. Hopefully it is. I have taken all the pre-requisites and when I say all, all that is left for me are the nursing classes. I just think it's better that way since the nursing classes are very challenging. Hopefully everyone did the same thing. Try finishing all the pre-requisites before entering the program so you can just focus on the nursing class. So far all my grades are A except for Eng 101 which is B and Eng 102 which is A- and my TEAS was only 68.8%.

    Good luck to everyone who applied. May the odds be in your favor and to myself aswell. haha!
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  3. by   kf_lagcc18
    Yay! Good luck! I'm submitting my application for candidacy this coming Fall sem. since I missed the cut off for Spring. If you don't mind me asking, what did you get on SCB 203 and 204? I'm taking 203A now for Spring II and I know it's already crazy but it being a short sem. is even crazier. Anyway, hopefully, you get in! Good luck!
  4. by   cleofj01
    I got A on both classes. Yea I would advise you to take the science classes in long sessions as they are heavy classes and you need time to understand the material. Plus it is part of the key course (scb 203 and chem 110) so make sure to get a very good grade otherwise it will reduce your chances in getting in the program. Are you a full time student?
  5. by   kf_lagcc18
    Yes, full time. I have a 3.9 right now and taking SCB 203 and SCN 195 for Spring 2. I also work full time so it's a little crazy. I'm really aiming for both As in this sem and applying in the fall. My prof for SCB 203 lecture is really hard though, he doesnt explain, just sits and reads the slides..
  6. by   cleofj01
    Wow kudos to you. Just make sure to get an A in your SCB 203. Who's your prof? I had Mcphee for SCB 203 and 204. His test are hard but he is excellent at teaching and you will learn alot. Also, my SCB 204 lab was exdcellent aswell. His name is John Clappin. If you take both of them you wouldn't have to worry about the anatomy part in TEAS V because you will learn alot. Goodluck!
  7. by   kf_lagcc18
    thanks, I'm hoping I get an A on this too. -_-.. it really helps if the prof. is a good teacher that's engaging. Because I'm taking it at certain times and days and for the 2nd session, I only had Prof. Ordonez for lecture and his brother with the same name for lab. Lab was good, he actually explains, its the lecture that gets me. I end up going on Youtube for each chapter and searching for a lecture there about the topic we just had.... I also resort to recording each class as well... *whatever we have to do, right? lol
    I'm definitely checking to see if the professors you mentioned are available for 204 for Fall I.

    Thanks for the tip, and... five days! Good luck!
  8. by   cleofj01
    I know right. I can't wait. Haha