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any attending hvcc RN program? my sister took that program and loved it. does miss beck still teach? do you still have to take CPNE's ?... Read More

  1. by   blackheartband
    Hi I was wondering what you got on your TEAS V test if you took that one. I just took mine today and I got a 71.3% on it and I'm freaking out becasue I don't think I'm going to make it in and my parents don't think I am going to make it. I'm seriously disappointed and depressed becasue of it. And I cannot find any information on what the acceptance score is; HVCC has it sealed up tight! Please help if you can remember.
  2. by   tamuller
    Congrats on the 71! When I spoke to the admissions director she told me that you have to get at least a 54 % to be considered. I take the TEAS in 2 days very nervous not to sure what to expect. over 1000 people applied to the program and there are only 60 . Any tips for the TEAS??