Hi South Oaks Hospital, LI

  1. Any one heard of south oaks hospital in long island? I just got hired there wondering how it was.. Any feedback will be appreciated!!
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  3. by   bluebeetle7
    are you a new grad? whats starting salary? i have an interview.
  4. by   RN315
    Hey salary is low 30/hr and no I'm not a new grad
  5. by   RN315
    How did ur interview go? Did u get hired?
  6. by   bluebeetle7
    hi sorry, i actually did not end up interviewing with them, but now they called me again. I have another interview set. What ever happened? Are you working there? feedback? thanks!
  7. by   RN315
    Yes I work there it's good I like it
  8. by   bluebeetle7
    I went for first interview. Supposed to have second interview next week. Is it 8 hour shifts? Also they told me would have to work every other weekend. Is that both Saturday and Sunday? Thanks.
  9. by   RN315
    Yea it's 8 hour and every other Saturday and sinday
  10. by   RN315
    How did it go?
  11. by   bluebeetle7
    Quote from RN315
    How did it go?
    Had second interview today. Went fine. Said HR may call for a night shift. Will see.
  12. by   RN315
    Ur hired for nights?
  13. by   RN315
    How much is the pay?
  14. by   bluebeetle7
    Quote from RN315
    How much is the pay?
    Hey. I didn't get hired yet. They said they have a night shift available. I was open to night or days. Pay for nights I believe is $66k/yr rather than days $61/yr