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    Im moving back to NYC from Los Angeles this July. Started applying couple weeks ago, but havnt really heard from anyone. Starting to scare the hell out of me. Can anyone please tell me the hiring situation there right now. I have 3 years experience, currently a CTICU nurse for 1 year and a half, 1 year PACU experience and 6 months in a tele unit. Im planning to stay in the CTICU/CSICU. Any hospitals in the city that are actively hiring right now? or they prefer applicants that are already in NYC? Im triying to persue NYP, but havnt heard from them, and the position is gone already. Is the market for nursing in NYC as tough as it is here in Cali??? Your feed back will really be appreciated. thanks.
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  3. by   1lollipop
    The job market for nurses is very tough in NYC at the moment. I know of at least one hospital who laid off a bunch of nurses recently. Since you have some experience, you may have better luck than someone who just graduated. There's no nursing shortage in NYC. Still doesn't mean you should give up. Just apply to many areas, and be willing to take anything. I'm still in nursing school, but one of my friends graduated, and she hasn't found a job in many months.