Don't know what to choose as a specialty

  1. I am interested in going to a graduate a school, but I am having trouble narrowing down my interests (nursing educator, nurse anesthetist, psychiatric nurse, or forensic nurse?). Therefore, I want to ask other fellow nurses/nursing students the pros and cons of each field or perhaps advice on how do I narrow it down to one specialty (or maybe do two). I am pretty confused on what to do so please help
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  3. by   llg
    The only way to know for sure is to work for a while in those fields to identify whether or not you like them. There is no substitute for work experience.

    Pick the one that either 1) seems the most appealing at the moment and/or 2) has a job available for you now. Give it a try. See if you like it. Learn about the field while you "live it" for a while.