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Hi!!! I apply to Dominican College in New York. Just wondering if anyone heard anything back yet?... Read More

  1. by   ABSN'14
    Hi Everyone!

    I know it has been asked before, but I have to revive some old questions. Can any recent or current graduates of Dominican College in NY share with us...

    1.) What your GPA and pre-requisite grades were when you applied?
    2.) How many students are/were in your cohort?
    3.) How rigorous the program is/was?
    4.) Job prospects/offers?

    Thank you!!!
  2. by   infostudnurse
    Everyone who got accepted had a competitive gpa. I recommend A's in your pre-requisites because if you struggled in any of the pre-req courses, you will not do well in the program. Even the students with a broad background in science found the program extremely challenging. The class started with about 40 students and about 23 finished. "Rigorous" only vaguely describes the experience. Mostly everyone has heard that an accelerated program is challenging, but this school made it much more difficult on the students. It was a year of complete disorganization and inconsistency. I have no idea where they got most of their classroom and clinical instructors, because they didn't seem to know their ass from a hole in the wall. You will interact with instructors who think they are God and refuse to be questioned about any incorrect answers you find on the exams. They are not open to feedback from the students whatsoever. Also, you will have many unexpected expenses that were not clarified with the cost of tuition. I don't feel like I got anything close to a quality education considering the amount it cost me to attend. Unless you are good at self-teaching, do not expect to make it through this program. Furthermore, the final gpa is very deflated compared to other nursing schools. It is close to impossible to get all A's in this program. An A is a 96 and above, and an A- is 92 to 95 (3.7 gpa) . 91 and 90 are both B+ (3.3 gpa) at this school. So even if you don't get below a 90 in anything, your final gpa will not be a 4.0, and remember that at other schools a 90-100 is a 4.0 and you will be compared against these students when you are job hunting. I cannot stress enough how horrible our experience was in this program. None of my classmates have anything good to say about it. I apologize for sounding negative, but I don't want anyone to have to go through what we all did. Please keep in mind that I am speaking only of the accelerated program. The other nursing programs at the school are run differently. Good luck to you, and research your prospective nursing schools very wisely! I wish I had known all of this about Dominican before attending.
  3. by   ABSN'14
    Thank you for your reply! Do you think you could answer my first and fourth questions (above) as well? I'd really like to know about #4 in particular.

    Thanks again!
  4. by   infostudnurse
    Most of our class hasn't even had interviews yet. I went on interviews in NYC and hospitals had never even heard of Dominican. Going to that school did not give us the opportunity to make connections with any of the good city hospitals.
  5. by   infostudnurse
    Oh sorry, and to answer #1. My prereq courses were all A's and I had a 3.4 gpa. The low gpa comes from some early college blunders that were offset by my high science grades! Good luck applying to schools. Do your research before you decide which one to attend!