Do you find Winthrop a nice place to work?

  1. I am considering Winthrop in Mineola. Just wanted to see if there are any opinions out there regarding atmosphere / orientation / benefits. I've heard Winthrop is a well known cardiac center.. is this accurate?
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  3. by   neeniebean
    i did my clinicals there last semester & this semester (& next semester, too). Honestly, i love that hospital, but thats from a students perspective. Its clean, modern and big without being too big. I've rotated on 5 different units there and the nurses have all been awesome, but i can say that the morale/opinion of the hospital definitely varied by unit. On one of the units, 4 nurses just put in their notice because of the nurse to patient ratio and level of acuity, but i guess that can happen in any hospital depending on the unit. I dont know anything about their status as a cardiac center, but my mother in law was there this summer due to an MI and received amazing care. I've heard that they have an excellent orientation program (its why many new grads choose them), and i think vacation is around 4-5 weeks. If i didn't already work for NS, i would definitely consider going there (and, may in the future).
  4. by   billythekid
    Thanks for the insight... being that you're still at NS, I guess you like it there as well? I'm a new grad.. narrowed down to NS, Winthrop and St francis.. interested primarily in ICU.. any advise?