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  1. hi folks, im a student at qcc and im currently going bald..literally, Because of decisions that will make my life. And frankly i really need some help and advice from you guys

    so i cant get in to QCC nursing anymore, im trying to take prereq course then transfer to hunter, but im not sure thats designed for student who already got into qcc nursing program or what. so what should i do ?? is it possible for me to transfer to City tech ( or other cuny nursing prog) and retake ( start fresh ???), or transfer too qmcc or something... (i heard of a loop hole in which you can remove bad grade..??)
    well im honestly dont know what im doing...
    this is my transcript kinda... PLease help with some of your advice, i am TRUELY APPRECIATED...
    GPA - atm - 2.0
    1st semester
    En 101 > F
    Ma 120 > C

    2nd sem
    en 101 > D <<<< still fails the 2nd tries :O
    a&p 301 > -B
    sociology > +B

    3rd sem
    en 102
    a&p 302
    stat 336
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