BMCC - starting pre-reqs in the summer?

  1. hi, i am considering taking the pre-nursing courses at BMCC, and want to know if i can start in the Summer 2013 session or if new students are not permitted to take Summer courses? (i want to take the CHE121 course so i can move on to AP1 in the fall)

    the online application only allows you to apply for Fall 2013; no one ever answers the phone at the school & all voicemails you reach are full and won't accept messages; and i actually went to the school and there was only 1 woman at admissions who said it was "too late" to apply for Summer courses ... but it's only December? this woman also said i couldn't speak to any counselors or get advice about how to start classes until i had applied to and been accepted to the school. it seems weird to start a long, expensive, and intensive process when you aren't permitted to ask any questions not addressed on the website before plunging in.

    i am a self-employed adult (30 yrs old) new to the world of academia. i can definitely see BMCC is going to be a guidance-free experience, but i'm going to give it a shot i think, starting with the basics. i was very successful in high school but i have no idea how i will do in a college class. maybe not enough to get into a competitive nursing program, but i would like to try, and CHE121 seems like step one.

    also, does anyone know if eventual applicants to the Night program are admitted based on only their GPA from the 4 main pre-reqs (plus an entrance exam i think), or does it also average in the grades from the additional courses required for completion before the Night program?

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  3. by   Latent123
    Hi, you need to bring immunization form and high school diploma or GED to admission office after you received the email saying that you got accepted to BMCC. Then you need to pass the CUNY test to see if you are qualify to take college level course. Then you will to attend two days of BMCC orientation. Then you can register to take the chemistry 121. you can talk to your counselor after the BMCC orientation, but not before.

    I am pretty sure that all the chemistry 121 sections are going to fill up by the time you received your advisement paper after the BMCC orientation.

    June 3 or 4 is the deadline to register for summer session I chemistry 121. Summer session II does not have chemistry 121 course.
  4. by   Latent123
    Good HESI score, decent gpa of 3.8 to 4.0 ( 4 prequisites plus general requirement).
  5. by   grandk

    Im actually wondering the same about how the GPA is calculates is it on only the 4 prerequisites or on all the classes youve taken? please help if you had this question answered. its so confusing because Im retaking the 4 prereuistes to get an A in all of them which would leave me with a 4.0 if its only calcuated from the 4 prereuisites but if they calculate all other classes the three b+ I got on English 1/2 and Microbilogy is going to bring my GPA down. DO I have a chance in the night program? :'(