Binghamton Accelerated BSN Program!

  1. Just wondering if anyone applied/ got accepted to Bing's Accelerated program...
    Im thinking of going there, not sure though...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   stanwyler
    I am currently attending the BAT program at BU. A great program at a great price! Classes are scheduled so that the material overlaps but overall the class schedule is not well organized. Be prepared to work extremely hard. My fellow classmates are all 4.0 GPA and type A! One week before finals I looked around during a Patho class and saw 3 people in my vicinity studying for another final while taking notes! The summer semesters were incredibly challenging. None of it is rocket science but the volume of infomation combined with the "projects", papers, and clinical wil keep you BUSY. Otherwise the program is like most others. There are very specific requirements that all of the programs must meet, therefore the programs are very similiar - right down to the specific project assignments. BU is unique in that it requires 2 semesters of Patho. Good luck!
  4. by   SweetGurl
    I got accepeted and will be attending this upcoming summer.
  5. by   may30
    hello, any advice about BU four semester transfer program?